As you know from my previous post on coping with winter blues, I am SO ready for spring to be here! The weather guy promised me some temps in the 60's this weekend and my phone reminded me that daylight savings time is just around the corner. I've been planning my victory garden, getting ready to start on my lettuce and of course, gathering up all kinds of bright and sunny treasures for Va Voom Vintage Shop! Here are this week's new listings...

pink embroidered sun dress

1950's White cardigan with rhinestones and beading

late 40's-50's green wool and tan suede pendleton jacket

late 30's-40's fabulous print day dress as-is

1940's Aqua Cotton House Dress from Penny's As-Is

1950's princess seam gown

60's aqua and gold metallic wiggle dress

30's-40's blue novelty print day dress

1940's novelty print rayon dress

original 1940's ladies trousers

1940's light blue swing jacket

70's historical scenes dress