Today we were hit by one hell of a winter storm. We got about 6 inches of snow in just a few hours. I was nervous that our power would go out because last time Pj and I lived in this part of town, we lost power every time it snowed! Luckily, the snow fall has quit for now and the electricity is still going strong! I did enjoy the noise of sleet falling on the tin awnings and siding.

 Pj stayed home from work today with a really ganrly sinus thing. He doesn't get sick often but when he does it's like he's near death. I made these amazing sandwiches today, which I found on Pinterest via Ring Finger Tan Line . Pj and I both had the idea to add bacon, making them even more spectacular. I think all of that bacon and cheese made him feel better!

image via Ring Finger Tan Line
While snowed in with the kids and Pj today, I did a little tinkering on the blog.
 On the side bar, under the google friend connect is a new thing to subscribe via email, which I've had a few requests for. I also added pretty new social network buttons and some buttons down there for my frequent posts so you can see all of those outfits all at once, read my old theme weeks and all of that jazz. I'll be updating my tutorials page with my newest stuff and lots of little cosmetic things that have been driving me crazy for a while.

 I'm not even close to finished with it but it's time to curl up and watch a movie with some hot cocoa. Stay tuned for a few more changes this week!

Isn't that a cool old building across the street from my house? It's a church now but it used to be a school house back in the day and at one point was also an antique shop. You'll probably see more of it in the warmer months when I can get over there for some outfit pics!