Winter outfit pics are always hard to do. When Pj's home, I'm usually at work and vice versa and when we are home and it's light out, it's been so cold!! I managed to get him to snap a few while I was literally on my way out the door, headed to work yesterday.

1940s plus size day dress and rayon swing jacket with victory rolls

My Work Uniform
 Before my current job as a support staff for people with developmental disabilities, I was a stay at home mom for 4 years. I wore pajamas or vintage dresses or whatever I wanted to wear. When I had to find a job I thought, " I have to buy all new clothes!" Many jobs have uniforms or dress codes for appropriate work attire. Mine does too, actually. We are supposed to dress comfortably, modestly and have a clean, well groomed appearance. Depending on the individuals that we work with, some of us don't wear earrings and if we have long hair, it has to be worn in a bun or covered up.  Depending on the shift, I may wear jeans and a t-shirt but if I have time to get properly dressed, I do!  I do try to tone down the vintage looks for work. I never wear lipstick, rarely do fancy hair and I save most of my fancier dresses and high heels for another time. My black flats have seen better days so I had to wear heels today until I can get a new pair of flats.

The Outfit
 This 1940's rayon dress and 40's swing jacket are also some of those things that I bought for the shop that I couldn't let go of. When I found it, the shoulder pads are so gnarly that they had turned to hard crumbles inside the fabric pads. They caused a little discoloration to the shoulder area but eh- it's a 60-ish year old dress so really, that's not a big deal to me.

 I mentioned the problem with wearing and selling vintage in my last outfit post. My rule is, for every 20 items I buy for the shop, I can buy one spectacular thing for myself. It keeps me from going crazy and bringing home stuff I don't have room for and it keeps me selling things instead of hoarding it. On my last buying trip, I bought 100 new pieces so I kept 5 lovely pieces for me! I love the stitching on this jacket.

Don't you love my fab knitting bag? My sister in law gave it to me for Christmas. It's enormous and sturdy so I kinda use it for a purse, diaper bag, knitting bag! It always comes with me to work so I have lots to keep me occupied while my folks do their thing.