Oh, I'm tired today but it was well worth it! I stayed up t ill the wee hours designing a whole new blog for one of my very best friends, Daffny. I don't know about you, but I absolutely have a blast doing blog design!! Isn't she looking fabulous?

I've never made custom social network buttons before but I gave it a whirl last night and it worked out. I'm finishing up with some final touches this morning. Cute footer and signature time!!

She's closing her old blog and making lots of blogging changes for the new year so go follow her on her new one, Bunny's Vintage Victory

EDIT: Bunny's Vintage Victory is now A Vintage Nerd

Don't you love the Dalek? Bunny is a huge Dr Who fan so I had to throw him in there somewhere! Her little blog button victory girl was blonde but I worked some magic and gave her brown hair and eyes like Bunny.