7 Blog Post Ideas to Boost Traffic in 2013


7 blog post ideas to boost traffic and readership

This afternoon, I was driving home from work, listening to Christmas music and it got me thinking about the new year and all of the things I want to accomplish this year. As always, one of  my goals is to amp up my blogging game. If you find yourself in a blogging rut or want to boost your traffic, here are 7 blog post ideas that really do work!!

1.) Write a list post. Hey, I'm doing it right now....and you're reading it. Ta-da, told you it works! These posts are : # ways to do something great or # items you must have to look absolutely fantastic- you get the idea.

2.) A tutorial I'm big on tutorials. I love to read them on your blogs and I love to write them on mine. Everyone loves to learn new things and see how it's done so create a tutorial for your niche. It can be a step by step style with pictures or something more generalized like a list of ideas on how to organize your kitchen.

3.)A Themed Feature Earlier this year, I was contacted by Stephanie of Lollipops and Roses to appear in her themed post Show and Tell. I thought it was such a clever idea because she was giving her readers beautiful things to look at and featuring other bloggers at the same time. Since she featured me, I posted about it here and exposed her blog to all of my readership -and- I got exposure from her readership. It's a win win and it's great content for your blog.

4.) Product Reviews Bigger bloggers will receive free products to review on their blogs but if you're a small fish, you can still do reviews! Check out handmade sellers in your niche on etsy and purchase samples to review. Many cosmetic/bath/beauty sellers sell very affordable product samples for this purpose.  I love this approach because it helps support those handmade businesses by giving them a few bucks when you buy a sample and they get advertisement. If you have products that you use and love on a daily basis, tell your readers about them. As your blog grows, these reviews will reflect your ability to give a shout out and will open doors to paid sponsorship and free products to review.

5.) A series or theme post- Again, I  love a good theme. I like to do a new one every year to post about once per week. Last year, I did Friday Fashion and a Movie and this year was  Friday Fashionistas. I'm already planning posts for next year's theme.  A series or themed post can be weekly, monthly or whenever. This helps build a strong category within your blog and gives readers something to look forward to.

6.) A search-related post or series This is a fun little trick that I learned on my own this year. Do you ever read what search words bring the most traffic to your blog? If not, go to your blogger dashboard, stats, traffic sources and finally look under "search keywords" at the bottom. Click the tab at the top that says "all time" and this will give you ideas on what to write about. My top search keyword, "Grace Kelly" led me to write Grace Kelly Week last month, which has since brought a ton of page views.

7.) A trendy link round up what's really hot in your niche that everyone and their mother is blogging about? Go ahead and blog about it too and do a round up of your favorite posts on the subject from around the blogosphere. Make sure to use keywords that reflect the trend in your title and post so it gets attention in seach engines.

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  1. Thanks for this post Brittany. I would love to get a few more peeps looking at my blog as i love writing it. You've given loads of food for thought.

  2. Thanks for the tips, Brittany! This is good stuff!

  3. Love all the fantastic, practical advice you're been dishing out lately - and am really struck by how similar our minds work when it comes to blogging. :)

    Happy holiday two weeks until Christmas, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Lots of nice tips! some of them feels fresh and new to me. 5, 6 and 7 are those I will definitely use. thanks!

  5. Great tips, thanks! I would love to get more people to read and interact with my blog, so this is really helpful!

  6. Thank you for another great post with blogging tips!! I liked the last one too.

    I have been 'stuck' for a while so need some new traffic and I think now's the time to get stuck in, over the Christmas break when I'll be off work and have some time to devote to it.


    Porcelina xx

  7. Loving these blog tips, Brittany. Great job!

  8. Those are great tips! I hope to blog more frequently after the semester is over and finals are done - GAH!


  9. Thank you for such a great post. I am new to blogging, but I hope to get more into it this year. I am a stay at home mom which can get a bit isolating at times so following vintage and DIY blogs helps me feel connected to others with similar interests to mine. I decided to try my hand a writing one but there is so much to learn it is a bit daunting. Still, I am excited to have an outlet for myself separate from my kids ;)

  10. Wow! I'm really surprised you know so much about traffic :) Thank you for your great ideas, definitely will try them soon!

  11. Those are fantastic tips!!! I got a bunch of great (or at least I *hope* they're great) ideas just as I was reading the list.
    Perfect timing, as I was feeling down-in-the-dumps about my lack of traffic. Thanks so much for sharing this :-)


  12. i needed this right now. I've been trying to motivate myself to make time to finally get back to the blog I started at the beginning of the year and then abandoned.

  13. I need a tutorial on how to measure my body correctly. I just really don't have a friggin clue on where to measure for anything!


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