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Since my last post on corset wearing,  I've been wearing my corset off and on this week, breaking it in. I'll be honest, I don't like to wear it for longer than 5 or 6 hours but I'm getting used to it. The corset is very well made and comfortable but I'm not crazy about the way my body looks in it, believe it or not. With an already quite large bust, I deal with the boob issue daily but the under bust corset lifts them up and out in a very unnatural way. I didn't want to have the squished boob look of an over bust corset but even when I pull the corset down over my hips more, I still have a very....prominent silhouette. I've tried wearing a tighter bra, followed by a snug slip but it doesn't help very much.

I'm feeling a lot like Salma Hayek. Don't get me wrong, she looks amazing but that's not a look that's easy to handle on a daily basis, know what I mean?

I may try a minimizer bra or something with under wire. I generally wear vintage bras, which are very structured and don't have under wire so we'll see if a modern bra works.

 I do love the waist shape I'm getting, though and the back and neck are feeling SO much better with the support of the corset. 

Corset Safety and Comfort

 Many people are uneasy about corsets because they believe that they are unsafe, unhealthy and uncomfortable. The once "proper" garment has become quite taboo in our modern world. With topics of shifting organs, moving ribs and unanswered questions, the topic of tight lacing is a controversial one. Corset wearing is certainly not appropriate for everyone. If you have a medical condition or prior injury, consult a physician before beginning a waist training program.

 Shaping the Body

Corsets do change the shape of a body. I wouldn't call it a "permanent" change because after removing a corset for a long time, the body will go back to its original shape. Even after taking it off to shower, swim or exercise, it will loose a little bit of that laced-up silhouette. When worn very tightly over a period of months and years, the organs and ribs will shift.

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Yeah, that's pretty gross to think about but just look at what happens during pregnancy- also pretty gnarly!

While there are loads of images of women with waists smaller than their necks, there are also plenty of lovely normal-ish hourglass shapes created with moderate tight lacing.

Set a Healthy Goal 
Just like regular weight loss, set a healthy goal for yourself. Corset Story corsets give a decrease of 4-5 inches in waist size. My current measurements are 43-36-45 so my goal is more like a 3-4 inch reduction so I don't look too extreme when I'm done.

Corset wearers should always take care to exercise back and abdominal muscles. Since the corset provides much of the support, those muscles need to be toned, strengthened and stretched out. Focus on flexibility and range of motion by doing exercises such as yoga, crunches and those old fashioned twist, bend and stretch movements. Walking is also a good exercise while wearing a corset.

Skin Care
To protect a corset from skin oils, sweat and dirt, something should be worn under it. Corset liners are available but most of them are made of spandex. I usually wear a cotton spaghetti strap top or silky slip under my corset. To prevent chafing and dry skin, be sure to moisturize after a shower and give a few minutes for your skin to dry thoroughly before lacing up again.

Inexperienced corset wearers can be spotted a mile away. They are so tightly laced that they can't sit, eat or even breathe. A corset should never be painful. A tightlacer should be able to breathe, walk, sit, talk, eat and even lay down. If it's uncomfortable, always loosen the laces or take it off completely. 

Eating Habits 
Naturally, eating and drinking habits will change during corset wearing. many tightlacers eat several smaller meals instead of three large ones. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains and stay hydrated to avoid belly problems from compression. Excess amounts of breads, sweets and carbonated drinks don't usually do good things for a corseted tummy.

For more questions on corsets and tightlacing, I highly recommend Lucy's Corsetry. She has some excellent videos on You Tube, all about her experiences and knowledge in corset wearing. 

Now for some corset candy from Corset Story. I'm watching Marie Antoinette, can you tell? 

1 hot pink corset with pleated frill trim
2 Silver blue brocade corset
3 blue denim underbust corset
4 cream tapestry bridal corset

* My waist training corset was provided courtesy of Corset Story. The views and opinions in this post are entirely mine. See your doctor before starting a waist training program*