Blogging With Toddlers in Your Lap


We have a rooster that lives next door so I'm used to waking up literally at the crack of dawn. The morning, the rooster decided to sleep in but the children did not. I took advantage of my few extra hours by starting to write blog posts for next week's Grace Kelly week. Then Olivia came into "help" by attempting to co-pilot the mouse and Rhys came in to have me draw on his magnadoodle and before you know it, I have two posts not even close to finish but they are published. How do those tiny figures know exactly which buttons to push?

Anyway, I'm super excited about next week's Grace Kelly week. Her birthday would have been on Monday and I thought it was the perfect way to celebrate. I have some beauty tutorials and lots of style inspiration so I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I've enjoying research and writing! Now, I have a very messy bedroom to clean and laundry to fold. Time for some classic Grace movies, I think!


  1. LOL story of my life! I am shocked that I still have a blog running hehehe Oh toddlers are fun! xox

  2. Looking forward to your Grace Kelly week. Beautiful lady:) If you would like to use any of the images I posted on photography techniques with Grace Kelly, feel free too:) There was a article with her in it in a Modern Photography magazine I bought. I blogged about it on September 17th. Can't wait to hear all about Grace:)

  3. Awww, that's so precious. I can really picture your kids hanging out with you as you work on your wonderful posts. No wee ones to press publish on my posts, but I have had the cat do just that a time or two before! :)

    Wishing you and your family a beautiful, fun filled weekend,
    ♥ Jessica

  4. I'm looking forward to Grace Kelly week! I'd love to see a Lauren Bacall week!!

  5. Sometimes children know more we can expect :) Good luck, and looking forward to see your next Grace Kelly posts!



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