Never too old to play dress up


1940s plus size vintage dress and vintage 1940s straw hat via Va-Voom Vintage

I dropped into my favorite thrift store at random one day and found this navy 40's rayon dress in perfect shape, in my size. What luck! I was unsure about the over-sized lace collar at first. Pj said I look like Veruca Salt in it but after wearing it for date night last week, it has grown on me. I'll be 27 at the end of the month but I don't think you're ever too old for childish details. After all, I do play dress up every day.

1940s plus size dress with lace collar and victory roll hairstyle with straw vintage hat via Va-Voom Vintage

 I carried my new 1950's patent handbag, which I found at the same store as this dress. The stripe lining is this bag's best feature, I think.


These brooches are some of my most cherished. I have two of the spoons. One from Great Grandma Alma and the other from her mother, My Great Great Grandma, Florence. She passed away before I got to meet her but I was told that she visited Great Grandma when they lived in Hawaii in the 40's and 50's and they bought matching souvenir spoon brooches there. The handle says "Honolulu". The hand mirror is also Great Grandma's from her years in Hawaii.

40's dress- thrifted, St Vincent de Paul
50s patent handbag-thrifted- St Vincent de Paul
50's hat-Brenda Sue's Warrenton, MO
silver spoon and hand mirror brooches
blue suede t strap pumps- ebay


  1. I LOVE the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope date night was a blast!!! xox

  2. Wow, you score the best stuff.

  3. Love, love your dress.Looks fantastic on you.. [You have lost alot of weight,congrdulations]
    How is your new job? Hope your enjoying it.

    1. Thank you! I'm on the very effective stress diet! LOL! I really love my job. I work with two young guys with developmental disabilities. It's a really fantastic job and they are just the sweetest boys :)

  4. You are gorgeous!!! And lucky to find this beauty in your size... Never too old to dress up, I'm older than you and I also like to wear circle skirt like a teenage girl and play with my petticoats like a princess!!!!

  5. Love the spoon bracelets, what fun unique little pieces! The dress looks great on you. I don't think the collar looks childish at all. Very classy, I think!

  6. You look lovely:)) Blue is a great color for you.

  7. Veruca Salt? Never! I love a good lace collar.

  8. How fabulously cool that you found this charming 40s frock at a thrift store. Such finds (at least on this side of the 49th) are becoming the stuff of memories and legends these days. I think this dress look fantastic on you - very much including the feminine lace collar.

    Happy early birthday wishes, sweetie!
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Gorgeous! I love it all. Big white collars are really "in" right now; isnt it funny how trends come and go!

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  10. the colourcombination and collar looks delicious on!

  11. Nothing like a good thrift to restore your faith in the fact there are still gems to be found. I love the story of the spoons x

  12. I don't think you ever get too old to play dress up either. This outfit looks beautiful, very chic.

  13. Beautiful dress! What a great find!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  14. I love the collar! It looks great on you... though I do see how it could seem a bit much-ish at first. You must have the most wonderful thrift stores if you can find things like that!

  15. You look ADORABLE!!! I love your whole outfit!!! Everything, hat to shoes, is fabulous. I'll try to open my eyes a little wider to find the kind of stuff you find!

  16. You look amazing, the dress really suits you!

  17. Random thrift store finds are the best! I love the dress and the hat really completes the outfit! I have a few vintage lace collars that I've always been really hesitant about wearing, but after seeing your picture and how good the collar looks, I think I'm going to try to incorporate them into my wardrobe. :)

  18. Ahh that is an amazing dress my dear and the way you put it all together is smashing! :-)



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