Movie Date with My Poo-Bah


On Tuesday night, we met my parents for a family movie night. Olivia has only ever been to the movie theater once before and she loved it. This time, we took her to see Brave. Rhys is still a squirmy little dude so my mother in law watched him for the evening.

Olivia is the "Poo-bah". It's a nickname that started when she was a tiny baby and to this day if you ask her what her name is, she will say "Poobah!" We only recently got her to say her real name. I swear, I think she is going to write "Poobah Sherman" on all of her homework assignments when she starts school.

Brave was such a cute movie and Olivia really liked it too. She was so good throughout the film and although she had a blast while we were there, she cried her eyes out on the way home because she missed her little brother. What a sweetheart! Speaking of Rhys, I think the 3 little brothers in the movie look and act just like my little wild man!

 I wore my sweetheart overalls, which I haven't pulled out in ages. I kind of screwed up the button holes on one side and put off fixing them until now. I drafted the pattern myself but it's very similar to the Decades of Style pattern (which goes up to a 46 bust!). Mine are blue denim with red bakelite buttons. I also wore my newly repaired bakelite cherry brooch and gingham peasant blouse that I thrifted while Bunny was in town. After wearing these overalls again, I desperately want to make a few more pairs. They are so comfortable, casual and cute! I think I will make at least two more pairs for this winter.

Overalls-handmade by me
gingham blouse-thrifted, salvation army
bakelite cherry brooch-Christmas gift from Pj
Red 40's repro wedges-Aris Allen


  1. Your overalls are delightful! Thank you for sharing the link to the pattern——I think I've found my next sewing project.

  2. LOVE your overalls! So adorable. I loved Brave! It's such an adorable movie. Also, Poobah Sherman sounds like a peanuts character to me for some reason haha. She's cute enough to be one too :)


  3. I'm glad you liked the movie, I want to take my girls to see it too! When my sister was little she called herself ME Me instead of Melissa, now my girls call her Auntie ME Me, maybe your little girl will be Auntie Poohbah.

  4. So sweet! Glad you girls got out and had a movie date together-love it! Doesnt Merida rock? Now it's R's bday theme hehehe xox PS The overalls look amazeballs!

  5. Rhys could totally be one of the triplets! So cute!

  6. Awww, you are all so completely darling! Love your overalls, the vee/dip neckline is so pretty and adds a charming feminine touch to a classic, industrial garment.

    Wishing you a marvelous Wednesday,
    ♥ Jessica

  7. What a fun family date.. Poo-Bah is adorable and looks like her mom.. How sweet she missed her brother.
    I love your overalls,. So cute..

  8. Very cute - both you and Poo-Bah!! Her face says it all - so much fun to be at the cinema! And yes ha ha little Rhys looks so much like one of the brothers in the movie :-)

  9. I like your outfit very much! You and your kids looks so happy :))

  10. Your outfit is gorgeous :) to me dungarees have always been a fashion horror but you look so amazing you've totally changed my view :) x


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