Friday Fashionistas: Edith Head


how to dress like Edith Head and get her classic designer vintage style

Edith Head was a renowned costume designer for many of Hollywood's classic films. She won eight academy awards for her iconic work, more than any woman in the history of film costume design. While we love the actresses that wore these beautiful creations, Edith Head was the woman behind the dress.

"If it is a Paramount film, I probably designed it." -Edith Head

  • Edith had very little experience in art or design when she applied to work as a costume sketch designer. She borrowed sketches from a fellow student to get the job.
  • Edith wrote two books: How to Dress for Success and The Dress Doctor
  • Throughout her career, Edith never changed her own personal style
  • Edith worked on 1, 131 films throughout her career 
  • Edith was such a favorite of starlets of the 40's and 50's that Paramount studios had  to lend her out at the request of actresses from other studios.
  • Although Givenchy designed the famous dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina, Edith Head got credit for it.
  • Edith Head was the costume supervisor for Breakfast at Tiffany's
"You can lead a horse to water and you can even make it drink, but you can't make actresses wear what they don't want to wear."- Edith Head

Sunset Boulevard and Rear Window
The Ten Commandments and Ball of Fire
Sex and the Single Girl and Roman Holiday

What is your favorite Edith Head movie?


  1. Love this post - Edith Head has always been an inspiratinon for me with my designing and dress making. Her work is beautiful. xxx

  2. I love edith head. she was a genious. everything she created was magic.

  3. She is amazing, I am glad you featured her (I also like that she was round about featured in "the incredibles" hehe)

  4. Edith Head was such a fascinating woman and I loved her semi-autobiography "Edith Head's Hollywood". I think the costumes in "To Catch a Thief" probably have to be my favorites for the movies I seen that she worked on.

    (I put a link to your blog on my blog, I hope that was okay.)

  5. Brilliant post!!!!!! Her own style was so crisp, clean, and classic!! xox

  6. I have always been obsessedddd with the wardrobe from The Ten Commandments! Particularly Nefretiri's, her gowns were just so stunning! The detail, fit, colors...Edith was just amazing!

  7. No question-Rear Window is the bestbestbest.

    I love everything about it. How could you not, with Jimmy and Grace?

  8. Edith was such a fantastic, slightly quirky (in a good way!), completely cool (not to mention wildly talented) person! Love that you shone the limelight on her here, sweet gal!

    Wishing you a relaxing, gorgeous Sunday,
    ♥ Jessica

  9. Great images, so inspiring! xxxxx

  10. Edith was an amazing lady.. She did so many differnt styles.. Just beautiful...everything she did. Thankyou for the post.

  11. I had no idea she had written books- will be on Amazon later methinks! Great post chick xXx

  12. Thanks for this great post! It's great to here about the woman behind all those fabulous gowns. I first read about her in a Grace Kelly book and have wanted to know more about her. Funny that a lady so rigid and serious in her own clothes could create garments of such whimsy, grace and femininity. xx Shauna


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