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This evening, I logged onto my blog and dropped a big "what the...*bleep* " when I saw my lovely pictures gone! A few weeks ago, I decided to switch over to photobucket after exceeding my upload limit through Picasa. Apparently you really really like me because I've exceeded my bandwidth limit this month and had to go ahead and upgrade to pro! Awww, you gals are making me blush! :P

So, my photos should be up and running, for your viewing pleasure very soon. In the mean time, please pardon the annoyance! When I return, I have wonderful stories, photos and adventures to share. I have another two whole days with Bunny Moreno and I will be very sad to see her go because we are having a blast.

 See you all again on Monday....and hopefully, I will be back with all of my images again!

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  1. Well that is both exciting and annoying! ;) Congrats on being such a popular blog!


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