Today is my little boy's first birthday! One year ago, Rhys came flying into the world so fast that my doctor only had enough time to hold her hands out to catch him. I guess he was in as much of a hurry to meet me as I was to meet him! I really loved sharing my pregnancy, his birth and his first year of life on my blog. I'm so proud of my little Rhys.

just one day old and 6 pounds!
about 2 months pregnant

He's such a funny little person. He's a snuggle bug but loves rough housing and wrestling with daddy. He's climbing the stairs, learning to use a fork, walking (and running) and imitating funny things like sneezes. He loves peaches and doesn't like ice cream. One of his favorite things is when I build a tent out of blankets so he and Olivia can run in and out of it, shrieking like a couple of lunatics. Since Olivia couldn't say "Rhys" at first, she called him "Beets" or "Preetz" and both nicknames stuck.

Wearing vintage while pregnant was a challenge but I had a lot of fun with it! These are some of my favorite "maternity" outfits while I was pregnant with Rhys.
this nautical dress from an estate sale had elastic in the waist
a modern jersey dress with 30's jacket

pinafore and cardigan
50's dress from Amanda. Not meant for a belly bump but it works!
If you missed my other vintage maternity/nursing outfits and adventures in pregnancy, you can see them here

We're celebrating Beets's first birthday on Saturday with a family filled mustache bash. I've been working all week to get ready for his party, hence the lack of blogging. Stay tuned for pics of that!