bakelite jewelry collection from va-voom vintage

I'm a collector of many things but one of my main obsessions is bakelite. I started collecting bakelite about 2 years ago. When other wives want diamonds from their husbands, I want old plastic. I love the clack noise that they make and all of the beautiful colors.  Many of my bangles and earrings were found digging through antique mall booths and flea markets. I found several of them marked "plastic bracelet" at the cost of a few bucks and a blister from the rub-n-sniff test.  I find such excitement and suspense, digging through piles of junk, looking for my plastic treasures, inspecting, rubbing, smelling them like a lunatic and finally striking gold. I am so thankful to have a husband with rough hands and a keen sense of smell to help me!

bakelite earring collection from Va-Voom Vintage

carved bakelite earrings from Va-Voom Vintage

carved bakelite bangle bracelets from Va-Voom Vintage

blue bakelite bracelet

red bakelite bangle bracelets

green bakelite bangle bracelets

pink bakelite spacer bracelets
bakelite earring hoops
the dangling butterscotch earrings were my first Mother's Day gift from Pj and Olivia

bakelite necklace and hat pin
                                      a bakelite necklace and hat pin, both a surprise find!
bakelite button stud clip earrings

bakelite rootbeet bangle bracelet
My first bakelite
red and green bakelite bangle bracelet
Christmas gifts from Amanda (red) and Pj (green)