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I was on facebook this morning when I noticed a sale from one of my sponsors, Sydney's Vintage Clothing. She's having a 48 hour sale so you can save 45% off your order of $65 or more, just use coupon code "48HourSale" at the checkout.

I found Sydney's Vintage Clothing last year when I bought this fantastic 40's dress, which is one of my favorites! I love the print, the rhinestone buttons and all of the little details.

Sydney's arranges their clothes by size and era, making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for. Check out some of my favorite vintage dresses in large and extra large sizes

Sydney's has an excellent selection of clothing, amazing hats, shoes, jewelry, housewares and more. Be sure to follow her on facebook, twitter and check the site regularly for new additions and frequent sales.

Sydney's Vintage Clothing is a sponsor of Va-Voom Vintage


  1. The dress you bought last year is gorgeous and you look so glamorous in these photos!

  2. That's so funny that you mention Sydney—I know her and her husband from their store in Auburn, AL! They are a really sweet couple, and they have A TON of vintage clothes. p.s. Gorgeous dress! :)

  3. Simply beautiful, how do you get your hat to stay? do you use actual hat pins? or bobby pins? or does it just magically stay? lol... your so beautiful and inspirational, don't stop cause i look forward to seeing what new things you post <3 thanks so much

  4. you're looking very marilyn today.

    and can i have your hat?

  5. I use hat pins sometimes, bobby pins sometimes and some of them do magically stay! This one has an elastic band that goes behind my head and sits at the base of the neck to keep the hat on

  6. You look amazing in that first photo! That dress is so nice. I sometimes wish I could wear vintage but I don't think vintage clothing comes in the plus size that I would need.

    And I just love your hair!

  7. That dress is too amazing for words! I just LOVE that it has that hit of western flair about it!

  8. Angela B! The planet earth is truly a small, small world! You found me on Va-Voom and you live here in Auburn!!! Your comment is so sweet, thank you!


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