Rhinestone Buttons and s Straw Beret


Last night, we went to dinner with my in-laws, followed by our bi-weekly family game night. For dinner, we went to a really yummy pasta place in St. Peters to celebrate our trivia night victory from a few weeks ago.

Oh, I'm not sure if I've shown you my new shoes yet. I found these on clearance at Kohls about a month ago and thought they were very vintage. I've been finding lots of cute, vintage style shoes from Kohls lately. I love a low wedge for style and comfort.  


I wore another one of my new Donnaland dresses. This one came from a local estate. It has the cutest rhinestone details at the collar and an adorable bow on the yoke at the back. I have been neglecting many of my accessories lately so I've been trying to show a little love to my hats and gloves before the sweltering summer gets here. I wish I lived in a colder climate because I could wear hats and gloves every day of the year!

In other news, Rhys has been trying to walk this week! He walked about 2 1/2 feet the other day. He's only 9 months old but he's in a big hurry to chase after his sister. he has two teeth with the 3rd and 4th getting ready to peek through. I'm so proud of my big guy!

vintage straw beret- I have no idea where this thing came from! :P
dress- Donnaland
bakelite hat pin- St Clair Antique mall
gloves-antique mall in Springfield, MO
purse with lucite clasp-antique mall in Springfield, MO
green beaded earrings-St Charles Antique mall

disclosure: Va-Voom Vintage is not an affiliate of Kohls and is not being compensated for the above links. I genuinely love their shoes!


  1. I soo need to get more accessories! I too love gloves but just need to find that "right pair"

  2. You look gorgeous -- love the dress and the way you put it all together. Rhys is getting so big!

  3. What a beautiful bag!!!! I love your gloves, I also own a lot of them but I don't wear them a lot in my everyday life...

  4. I love how you are looking at Rhys! Such a big boy!!! Your dress is sooo pretty!

  5. You look immaculate! I adore your style and that bag is divine! Your baby is simply the cutest! What a face! :)

  6. I just want to tell you how inspiring your blog is to me! As someone who is overweight, you make me think(?) I could go back to wearing vintage clothes like I used to when I was a bit thinner.

    I would love it if you would do a post about big girl sized vintage (and maybe even admit your size - for the record I'm a 16/18 but have been bigger). Like where do you find your clothes, how do you determine sizing, etc.

  7. You looks so beautiful, your whole outfit is just so pretty. I love the shoes, they do look vintage, I am hoping to find some comfortable shoes as well. Love the hat!


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