Olivia and I, January 2010- my first 50's dress and early attempt at vintage hair

Two years ago, I was a bored housewife and new mom. I had a 3 month old baby girl and was tired of spending every day in sweat pants and a pony tail.  I felt like I lost track of who I was and I needed to do something just for myself. I wanted to invest more time in myself and to reconnect with the world. I wanted to meet people, make new friends and make my mark on the world instead of being swallowed up by my endless pile of laundry.

Above all, I wanted to feel pretty again- to feel like a girl, not a mom with tangled up hair and baby food on her t shirt. 
My first 40's dress and victory rolls- a splurge from Retro 101- and still a favorite
 Out of all of that, Va-Voom Vintage was born! I saved my Christmas money and Pj took me shopping to the vintage stores in St Louis. I bought a few dresses and hats, sewed some things here and there and my vintage obsession began. Since then, I've made a lot of friends (including my best friend, Amanda), had a great time and really changed my life for the better.
My best friend, Amanda and I on the first day we met, sorting our vintage warehouse finds in a parking lot.
 I cannot thank you enough for reading my blog and especially for your comments and emails. Without my dear readers, I'd be blabbering on to a wall. I read each of your comments and still get all giddy when I have a new follower. I appreciate all of your feedback, love to answer your questions and cherish all of the friends that I've met through writing Va-Voom Vintage. I've found so many wonderful blogs and have been inspired by all of you.

I hope that through my adventures in fashion, I've inspired someone else to slick on some red lips, break free of the sweat pants and make time to be glamorous every day.  In the next year, I hope to make Va-Voom Vintage a better blog with tons of tutorials, gorgeous outfits and all of the things that I love to write and you love to read. Please do keep the feedback coming and don't forget to vote in my poll!
Much Love, Darlings!