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vintage plus size retro fashion red circle skirt, vintage hat, lucite wicker purse via Va-Voom Vintage

 Thank you to everyone who voted in my poll and left feedback on my previous post. I love hearing what you like to see, what drives you nuts and what you love about reading blogs. Please do keep it coming!!

 On Sunday, I was in quite a funk. Not sure what was wrong but I didn't want to do anything with myself. We had to go grocery shopping so I decided to put myself together and go greet the world with some red lipstick and a colorful hat. I'm so glad I did because I felt so much better by the end of the day. I even danced while I cleaned the kitchen, listening to the Andrews Sisters Holiday station on Pandora Radio.

While out shopping, I found these cute print socks, green velvet hangers for my skirts and overstock lipstick at Big Lots. 

vintage plus size retro fashion red circle skirt, vintage hat, lucite wicker purse via Va-Voom Vintage

cashmere sweater- thrifted
red wool skirt- thrifted
vintage yellow deadstock socks- antique mall
lucite "B" brooch-ebay
mustard hat- Brenda Sue's
assorted bakelite bangles
Shoes- Amerimark


  1. I love your shoes! I have a thing for T-strap shoes but have a hard time finding them in my size. SOmetimes I feel a lot better when I'm lazying about in my PJs. I feel better if I put on a pair of jeans and a comfy sweater.

  2. I want to tell you that I admire your self-confidence. The fact that you are willing to be yourself and to dress as you like instead of conforming to the dress code of today really shows your self-confidence. While I am now comfortable doing that same thing myself, when I was your age, I was very much a conformist. I wouldn't do anything or wear anything that made me appear out of sync with everyone else in society.

    Now, older and wiser, I am willing to be my vintage-lovin' self and to walk to the beat of my own drum. I don't care if I look "odd" or from another decade. But when I was your age, girl, I was too nervous to be different. Sadly, I did not have the confidence that you do. You go, girl!!

    You look totally beautiful!! I love the entire outfit!!

    Blessings to you,

  3. I love your tie front sweater, it's rare that I find vintage cashmere at the thrift. Gorgeous brooch too!

  4. Patti, thank you so much! I really do enjoy standing out from the crowd and just doing my thing! We went to Steak n Shake while we were out and the whole restaurant must have stared the entire time but the good responses do outweigh the bad!
    Leilani, the cashmere is modern, can you believe it? From the style, I did think it could have been vintage at first. Its so soft too. My new favorite!!

  5. Okay I feel like singing the theme song to "Laverne and Shirley" now and I need a D brooch heheheh Can you picture us out on the town? Hahah I love that blue-its suits you so well. And I'm so glad you do your thang-its the best way to be! xox

  6. lovelovelooooveeeee your outfit! so cute! what a chic mama!

  7. A bit of colour is always a good way to pep your mood ;)

  8. A beautiful look! Love the vivid colours! Sometimes dressing up, even just a little bit, can really lift the mood =)

  9. I am so jealous of your thrifting finds! I am lucky if I find a piece of material here at our stores!

    I love love love the look! You inspire me to wear my "normal" clothes to the store. Even though I get asked, "why?" all the time!


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