1910 Year of the Orange Blossom


artist Mark Karl Hughes

Did you know that 1910 was the year of the Orange Blossom? Here are some other fun facts and lovely fashions from 1910 from Jody of Village Boutique

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-The United States has 1,000 miles of concrete road, up from 144 in 1900

-Midwives still attend at half of all births in the United States

-Neon lighting for advertising signs is invented

-The first refrigerated tank car for wine (originally designed for milk) brings California wine to the east, but most California wine is shipped by steamer or sailing vessel around Cape Horn in oak or redwood barrels

-Seventy percent of U.S. bread is baked at home

-Women carried parasols as essential accessories

-Sunbeam Corp. has its beginnings in a company started by the Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. to make kitchen appliances. The company has been making tools for grooming farm animals.

-Aunt Jemima pancake flour is sold throughout the United States as pancakes become a year-round staple served at many meals rather than just at winter breakfasts

-The Elizabeth Arden beauty-salon chain has its beginnings in a New York beauty treatment parlor started by Canadian-born beauty shop secretary Florence Nightingale Graham, 25, who first goes into business with Elizabeth Hubbard, has a falling out with her partner, borrows $6,000 from a cousin, and opens a Fifth Avenue shop under the name Elizabeth Arden inspired by the 1864 Tennyson poem "Enoch Arden."
She will help formulate the first non-greasy skin cream and package it under the name Amoretta and will eventually introduce lipsticks in colors coordinated to skin tones and clothing.
image source from McCalls Magazine August 1910


  1. I loved reading all those facts-very "downton abbey" hehehe xox

  2. -Seventy percent of U.S. bread is baked at home

    I am considering starting to do this. My household eats so much bread!

  3. These are such interesting facts. It amazing how so many things came to be in the twentieth century.

  4. I recently learned that the orange blossom is a very traditional wedding flower! The more you know!

  5. Wow. What a different world. All the toot I carry around with me now? I would kill to swap it all for a parasol!!


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