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Long time, no post! Life has been keeping me very busy these last few weeks but I've made a lot of progress on my house and projects. I've been cleaning, organizing, crafting and playing with my babies. It's been nice but I'm happy to be back to blogging.

A Much-Needed Night Out
Last night was a much-needed date night. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner and to the movies to see J. Edgar. The movie was very long but we both really liked it. Leo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor and there were so many beautiful hats, hair styles and other costumes, it was quite a treat! J Edgar Hoover was such an interesting, passionate character. Pj and I both remarked on how intense of a person he must have been.

1940s victory rolls vintage hairstyle with v for victory rhinestone brooch
Daylight savings time is a fashion blogger's worst enemy but I found this little field next to my mother-in-law's house. The sun was setting but it yielded some neat photos. I think you may be seeing me here on date night more often! 

When a Vintage Mommy Wears Delicate Dresses
I wore my new 40's dress, which I bought on our trip to Springfield in September. It's such a delicate dress. I had to do a few repairs on the fabric so this dress will have to be a date night-only dress for a while. There are many occasions when I have to crawl around the car while we're driving, searching for a pacifier, blanket or toy to keep one of the kids from screaming. All of that twisting and climbing has resulted in a few rips on the seams of some of my dresses. Things like vintage stockings, delicate dresses and suede shoes are reserved for outings without the kids.
1940s victory rolls vintage hairstyle with v for victory rhinestone brooch and plus size 1940s dress

My coat is another story that must be told. It belonged to my step-great-grandma's best friend (that's a mouthful!). She passed away this spring and didn't have any living family. She left her estate in the hands of Grandma Joan. While sorting out her best friend's belongings, she found 2 vintage coats and thought I would enjoy them. They both fit perfectly and I feel so honored to wear them. I think of their friendship every time I put them on.

Earrings for "me" time
Another special thing for date night are pierced earrings! I rarely wear pierced earrings, because I have two little ones who grab and pull! Silly as it is, pierced earrings remind me that it's "me" time and that's worth everything to a busy momma.I really love my new deco style earrings from Poshlocket.

They're classic and sophisticated with a little bit of understated sparkle. The elegant lines of this design are the perfect accessory for a vintage girl in a modern world. They are made of a durable metal but are comfortable and light enough to wear all night without pulling on the ear. At the end of the night, when we went to pick up the kids from Grannie's house, I put them in the sweet pink bag that they came packaged in. Coral is one of my favorite colors to accessorize with. I really love coral and navy but next time, I think I'll wear them with green. Thank you, Poshlocket!

Elizabeth Drop Earrings- Poshlocket
 1940's Dress- STD Flea market, Springfield MO
1940's V for Victory brooch- Flea Market (will share that awesome story later! :)
black t strap 40's style shoes- Amerimark
50's coat with fur collar- gift from my step dad's grandma
50's blueberry and velvet hat- estate sale
vintage black velvet box purse- thrifted

disclaimer-the earrings of my choice, worn in this post, were sent to me in exchange for a review on my blog.  To stay true to my readers and the spirit of my blog,  I only provide positive reviews of products that I truly enjoy.


  1. I too adore coral! :) You look darling! Yay for date nights. My hubby and I are going on one tonight to see Twilight! (Because he loves me, not because he cares to see it lol.)

  2. Your hair looks amazing! Love it.

  3. Cute pictures! Glad you had fun on your date night!

  4. Love the last pic of you :) So atmospheric!

  5. Hi, I'm new to your blog. I think I found you through the 1940's fashion book (from vintage dancer).

    Your date-night outfit is totally beautiful!! Wow, how proud your husband must have been to be seen with you on his arm!!

    What a great story of how you acquired your coat!!

    Since I am totally addicted to old movies, I almost never want to see anything current. However, I did see The King's Speech (because it was set in the 30's!), and when I have seen the previews for J. Edgar, I've said I'm willing to see that one too...also because it is set in the bygone eras I love so much.

    Anyhow, hope you and hubby get to have regular date nights. They are definitely vital to keeping your marriage healthy and strong.

    Have a great weekend,

  6. Cheers . . . That's Art/Bellissime Foto and Great retrò Look. . .What a Pin Up!
    Ciao dall'Italia
    Greetings from Italy
    the Italian Artist who celebrate the Beauty of Curvy Pin-Up

  7. Hi, Patti! Thank you! Yes, we are very blessed to have date night every Thursday. My wonderful mother in law takes the kids for a few hours while we get to go out or just enjoy quiet time at home. I always look forward to Thursdays!! :)

  8. So great you had a date night! Love how you dressed for it-I think wearing pretty things while out with your hubs can make a girl feel less like a mama and more like a woman on a date with her man. I love it-everything was beatiful!! xox

  9. You do know you are the cutest things since buttons came along right? :) Seriously, sweet gal, you look wonderful hear - so pretty, cheerful, and completely wonderfully attired.

    Thank you very much for your recent blog comment over at Chronically Vintage, I sincerely appreciate it.

    Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday,

  10. How great you and your hubbs got to have a date night! I think saving certain garments and acessories make the date night even more special.

  11. My husband and I do date night too!! Love this post! So many great ideas! I also adore your look (as always)! That dress is fabulous!

  12. I like outside photos so much better! Looks right beautiful, these do. Unfortunately, in Minot, ND (N48 W101), the sun doesn't rise until 9am, and it gets dark about 4:30pm during the winter! Seven hours of sun... get thee to a tanning bed, amirite?


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