On October 23rd, I met up with these models for a 1930's wedding photo shoot. This time, I got the pleasure of being behind the scenes, styling hair, makeup and helping pick accessories and dresses for the models. I've never really styled another person before amily and friends) so it was both a challenge and a great time!! I assisted the models throughout the afternoon, holding props, sticking in more hair pins and laughing heartily.
The models
The models were really fantastic, professional and interesting people. My favorite part of the day was getting to know them while I styled hair and makeup. They are all such unique people with different backgrounds and interests. One model was a ballet dancer, another played violin, another had the most fantastic personality and made me laugh all afternoon. It was a truly wonderful time. I enjoy modelling but I think I enjoy styling even more. We talked about what they do outside of the modelling world, places they've been and experiences that they've had. Who knew that fixing hair and makeup could be so much fun?!

Where did this stuff come from?
The Wardrobe
These clothes were all borrowed from a collection belonging to a small local museum. They can't possibly preserve these garments for all eternity so they are currently stored away and occasionally put on display. Photos of the garments are being complied into booklets to be sold and made available for costume/history/fashion studies. Proceeds of the booklet sales fund the museum. The project will show future generations what these garments really looked like and how they might have been worn. These clothes were generously donated to the museum by family of the garment's original owners. Some of the articles have documents regarding the history of the items including who wore them, what year and to what occasion. It was really fun helping to choose the wardrobe for this shoot and learning the history of each item.
I brought some of my personal collection of jewelry and accessories for the models to borrow.

The Car
Our gorgeous 1936 Cabriolet was borrowed from a local gentlemen who takes it to car shows. The car belongs to his mother and has been in his family for years. He has rebuilt a new engine and what-not so this car will soon be taken apart and rebuilt. Aside from the paint and tires, everything in the photos is original. Isn't it amazing?!

Sicillia wore this gorgeous 1930's net gown, which was worn by the mother of a bride in 1936 in a St Louis wedding. The gown had a matching slip and jacket with delicate details on the jacket and collar of the dress, her vintage fur stole was borrowed and her hat was a gift to me from one of my dear readers, Jackie from Kansas. Her handbag is an heirloom from her grandmother. Her curves really accentuated the beauty of the dress and lines of the car.

Zizi was our beautiful bride, wearing a sheer cream 1930's dress with flocked daisy print and veil made by me on the fly. Her bouquet is from my wedding and her something blue brooch belonged to my great great grandmother.

Arcana was the maid of honor in beautiful peach satin 30's gown, which fit her perfectly. Her vintage fur stole was also borrowed from Kay's personal collection

B.H. played the part of the groom and wore this fantastic 30's trousers, vest and coat. The buttons of the coat had a really nice leaf imprint and the coat tails made the whole look. Here he is, looking quite dapper with our sweet ride.