Saturday, I spent the day with my babies...all 3 of them!
We started the morning with a last minute visit to the St Charles Community College. A friend of Pj's family teaches a dog training class. Olivia adores puppies so we took the kids up to watch the dogs run around the training course. The owners let the kids pet the dogs and be licked by them. I'm always a little nervous with my kids around dogs. Not because I'm afraid of the dogs but because my kids like to pull hair! Luckily, the kids and dogs were very good to each other and had fun playing together.

my boys


Beautiful Girls- Olivia and my two nieces


Lulu and Turbo
 The owner of Turbo, the Dalmation told him "sit!" so Olivia plopped down on the ground next to him!

After the puppy play, we drove around to a few garage sales. Pj found a fantastic grinder for his future knife making adventures and I found quite a few goodies for myself. Check out our new living room tables! We had a hell of a time getting them into the car, this time with two kids in tow but we persevered and got them home. They are really great, sturdy little 50's tables with small drawers and plenty of storage for my couch-side sewing and crochet, remotes and some of Olivia's books.

At a church garage sale, I found this General Electric bonnet hair dryer and Lady Sunbeam manicure set for $2 each.
G.E. Hair Dryer. I love the font and little lucite switch!

the power cord is inserted in the center of the base and attachments go in that.

The proceeds from the garage sale are going to the church's missionary efforts in Haiti. They have two schools and provide clothes, shelter and food for many people in Haiti, which made my small purchase feel even better! At the same garage sale, we found a small shelf for Olivia's toys, 2 kid's flashlights and a tiny snow globe that Olivia couldn't live without. There are a few more garage sales near my house. Hopefully we can hit those this morning, after we've all rested.

vintage mink fur dog brooch

floral blouse-Walmart
navy skirt- thrifted, St V de Paul
shoes-borrowed from mom (I promise, I'll bring them back soon!)
yellow coat-thrifted, St V de Paul
vintage mink poodle brooch-Antique mall on Tesson Ferry in St Louis (for you STL girls)
red cardigan- thrifted
bakelite earrings-antique mall in Springfield, MO