Livvie-Lu Turns Two!


the party princess

Today is officialy my little girl's 2nd birthday! I'm so proud of the little person that she is growing up to be. She's so smart, independent, curious, loving, playful and beautiful. I can't believe that she was once so tiny! She loves to color, read her books quietly in her room, play on slides and eat whatever the grown-ups are having. 

removing the lollipop so we can blow out the candle

mommy helps open presents
 We celebrated her birthday yesterday with a Dora the Explorer birthday party. She had a wonderful time playing with her cousins, opening presents and hitting the pinata. We had a Mexican food feast, which was a great idea for my tiny townhouse kitchen. My place is pretty small for a party but it spilled out to my patio, where we set up tables and a tent. It turned out so beautifully, I think I will have to have more at-home parties in the future.
our little b-day tent

backpack, backpack!

the children descend upon the pinata candy
Olivia checks out one of her presents


  1. Happy Birthday Olivia!
    She is so cute and it looks as thought she had a very good Birthday.

    p.s. I like her cake

  2. We had Dotty's 2nd birthday party today. I hadn't realized they were so close in age. Looks like fun!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to your sweet girl Olivia!

  4. Awesome party-great job mamita! Happy birthday to your princess! xox

    PS Welcome to the wonderful and never dull world of toddlerhood heheheh

  5. Awww what a sweet little one! Happy birthday to your big girl! :)

  6. I love the cake so cute, did you make it?

  7. Happy belated birthday Olivia! She looks so cute =)


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