Tomorrow, we're leaving for another Vintage Tour of Missouri Adventure in Springfield, MO! By we, I mean myself, Pj, Rhys, Olivia, Amanda and her guy, Bryan. We borrowed my mother-in-law's van for the weekend road trip.
Amanda and I have been dreaming of a shopping trip to Springfield for ages but with 2 little ones and a 3 1/2 hour drive, it would be impossible for a day trip. 6 months ago, Pj found information on an event in Springfield that he wanted to go to. But again, it would be a bad plan for a one day trip. We decided to go ahead and plan a whole weekend. Us girls could shop and the boys could go to their events. We've been saving money for our gas and shopping funds and counting down the weeks.

It's finally here! We're packing our bags, picking up the van tonight and starting our adventure as soon as Pj gets home from work tomorrow. I'll keep the kids from taking naps tomorrow morning so everyone will be nice and sleepy for the long drive.
I googled all of the must-see stops and Mallory of Mallory Makes Things was kind enough to help direct us on our Vintage Tour of Springfield, MO.

The Vintage Tour of Springfield

Friday- Heartland Antiques Lebanon MO (stopping on the way)
Dinner at The Cave Restaurant, which used to be a 1920's dance hall inside of one of Missouri's beautiful caves.

Saturday Shop Till We Drop-
Vintage Vice
Decades Boutiques
The Cat's Meow
Red Velvet Vintage
The Urban Flea Market
STD Flea Market (yes, seriously)

Bois D'Arc Knap In- Pj's Primitive Skills Event
Record and Comic Book Show- Where Bryan and Pj get to play too!