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I've been wanting to buy some better eye shadow for some time now. Mine mega huge palette is kind of hit or miss on pigments. Some are good, some are not at all but for a cheapy $15 palette at the mall, you get what you pay for! I've been reading up on different brands and trying to find something high quality but affordable.

Many makeup artists swear by Yaby Cosmetics eye shadows and blushes so I got online last night to make my first order. The shadows are usually about $3 each, which is dirt cheap for a good product but lucky me, they were on sale for 35% off! I loaded up on matte and satin finish neutrals and a few blues, greens and purples just to start out with. I ordered the 40 well palette so I can buy more shades as needed. I also decided to try the cake eye liner and brow powders. I've never tried a cake liner before so that will be fun to experiment with and it fits in my 40 well palette!
image from coleyyyful

 I have heard that the Yaby shadows are very very tiny but they are so richly pigmented that they last a long time. From reviews I've read, they are very blendable as well. So, if you're in the market for new makeup, head over and take advantage of the Yaby 35% off everything sale now till September 18th. Everything ships from Canada but orders over $75 get free shipping anywhere in North America.

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