Thrift Finds and Dressing Room Confessions


Today, we went out for some thrift store adventures. I've been dying to get out to this Salvation Army store in Florissant, MO for months. I was only in the store for about 30 minutes, rummaging through the dress racks and I found a whole pile of vintage dresses. Some were great....some not so great.

The first find was this amazing 50's dress. I think it's the most epic thrift store find of mine so far! It's handmade, has the cutest sailor collar, full skirt, buttons up the front (great for nursing) and also zips in the back with a metal zipper. Best of fits!!! It was only $3.99. So, this is me, doing my happy dance with a big, silly grin on my face:
1950s plus size sailor collar dress via Va-Voom Vintage

 Second was this totally cute 60's dress. Maybe it's Mad Men on Netflix, maybe it's just coincidence, but I'm really loving the 60's lately. If I were a "Twiggy" kind of girl, I would totally wear mod 60's clothes every day. This little dress zips up the back, has a matching belt and I really liked the print. Cuteness!!

I liked this blue and white 60's dress but it was scratchy polyester and I knew I'd be crabby all day if I wore it so I left it behind.


                                                   Now for some dressing room confessions.........

 When I was a teenager, a relative from out of town came to visit and upon seeing me said aloud to the entire room "You've grown so much and you have such bodacious ta-tas!" Well, yeah- too bodacious sometimes. I loved this pink plaid 50's dress and it fit my hips and waist, but not my boobs. Story of my life. Can I squeeze them in to make it fit? Maybe a tighter bra? (come on girls, you know you think things like this too!) Nope! That's okay, though cause I picked it up for Amanda and it fits her perfectly!

If you ever go shopping with me, you'll probably say to yourself "What is she thinking?" because I do try on some of the most hideous things. Morbid curiosity, I suppose. Well, here's an example of some of those "gems" that I find. This is proof of my shopping mantra" Just because it's vintage does not mean that it's okay!"
What on earth is this thing? It's like...culottes almost, with a matching, sleeveless Star Trek top? To top it all off, I found not one but TWO of these outfits. The other was the same brown with a different shaped, darker blue thing on the shirt. It's handmade and it's vintage but holy cow.... and no, I did not bring this home with me!

I did totally but this loud, crazy cotton house dress thing. It snaps up the front and will be great to wear while doing chores at home. Some days, I'm in the mood to wear something that gives headaches to everyone who looks at me. I feel
like the Medusa of vintage fashion. Don't look, don't look!!

                                        Next, we went to a big St Vincent De Paul in St Louis.

I didn't take any pics while we were inside but here are my goodies..........
blue gingham 50's top with rickrack
cute little handmade 50's skirt

loving these white shoes and new hat pin
vintage novelty print fruit fabric
Vintage fruit curtain panels, soon to be a new dress!!! I absolutely adore this print!

vintage pink cinderella deluxe hot rollers
  I'm so excited about my new Cinderella Deluxe hot roller set! The pink case is what sold me. It still has all of the rollers and clips too! Yippee!! The case is great for travel so I will be bringing it with me for my up-coming road trips.

The kiddos had lots of fun and were very good as usual. We found some toys and books for Lulu and shoes and a sleeper for Rhys, my sleepy boy.


  1. those were some awesome finds! I think I might have said this in another post, but the blonde hair suits you perfectly

  2. 1) I've not posted it yet, but you look great blonde.

    2) You made out like a thriftstore bandit!!!

    3) I have a similar problem with the bust on dresses...the fact I am not the only one makes it a *little* more tolerable

    4) I am really, really digging that housedress!

    Cheers Mamas <3

  3. What a great blog and I like your beautiful style!

  4. I so want to go thrifting with you!!! You definetly know how to make it into an extra fun good time. My own kids are not so patient as yours appeared!!!!

    Oh and the blond hair is lovely!!

  5. ~ * ♥ * ~

    That first dress is simply divine Brittany! Talk about a gift from the thrifting fairies!! And I have the same problem of "too much bust" ~ most of the time I have to sew snaps/hooks onto anything that buttons down the front due to serious gap-age issues!

    bonita of Depict This!
    ~ * ♥ * ~

  6. Living Vintage- if you're ever in the St Louis area, let me know! I'd love another shopping partner and I know my kids would love a friend to keep them occupied! :)
    Bonita- I have a whole box of snaps for that same reason. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one! hehe!

  7. What great finds! I *love* the rollers! Our vintage pickings are somewhat slim around these parts!

  8. WOW WOW WOW You found some great stuff! It would take me ages in this town to find a haul like you did.
    You look very pretty and your hair color looks great.

  9. Beautiful finds! The very first dress looks so stunning on you.

  10. Those dresses are so pretty, and so cheap! Yay for thrift stores! :)

  11. You are not the only one who thinks like that re boobs. If i am in the right frame of mind i often buy and then wear a little top underneath. Which I then loathe. So best to leave them behind. I have also bought dresses and got them out the cupboard and thought "Eugh!!! what was i thinking!!"

    But you have some serious thrift envy this side of the pond!

  12. These are what I call SCOOOOOPS!!! I am going to have to rummage through for some great dresses to fit bodacious ta-tas!!! LOVE IT!

  13. Great finds Brit! I am totally digging the dressing room shots... what a great idea!! Lulu is getting sooo big!! :)

  14. great finds!!! I love thirft store shopping. But I have to go with a blank mind. By that I mean, I cant go with the idea that I am going to find something.


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