Girls Day Out.-No Photography, Please!


Wow, it's been ages since my last outfit post. With temperatures in the high 90's, I've barely left the house in weeks. It's just awful outside. Wait....who is that blonde chick in jeans? It's me!  I've been tired of my hair for a while and I decided to go back to blonde about 2 weeks ago. It took 2 bleachings to get it this light but I'm kind of digging it.


Speaking of digging it, check out my fabulous new turban. I crocheted it myself using a 1940's pattern. It's very Carmen Miranda, don't you think? My little dude is 3 months old now and smiling ALL the time. I love those ears!!

This afternoon, I met Amanda at the Salvation Army for some much needed thrifting. We said a prayer to the goddess of thrift before entering and boy, did it pay off. I struck gold with this fantastic retro dish set for only $15.
Next, we both found adorable vintage swim suits in our size, which has -never- happened! I scored a really cute cheerleader skirt and blue 50's knit top. Amanda found this adorable gingham bib dress pictured below. Pj got the awesome find of the day with his Diablo game pack, brand new for $10! Yay, Pj!!
my loot

Amanda's Loot

No Photography, Please!
 After that, we were starving and went to a local Mexican place for dinner. Maybe my fly was undone, Maybe the turban was too much for suburbia to handle?...I don't know what was wrong with me but I have never had so many people staring at me before. As you know, this isn't a terribly wild and crazy ensemble for me. I often do my hair like this and I hang out in this part of town all the time. What the hell?

 I was eating dinner and hanging out, Amanda leaned over and said "That lady over there is taking your picture!" I said "What? Me?" I looked over and wouldn't you know it, some broad at the register was taking my picture with her cell phone while I was trying to eat! Apparently, she tried to snap a pic casually as she walked by but it didn't work. Seriously?!? I've had people stop me on the street on many occasions and ask to take my picture with or without them in the shot and I always say "of course!" I've had people stop by my table in a restaurant to compliment me on my style or hat or whatever. That's fun, cute and of course, flattering but did she really want a picture with me shoveling Mexican food into my face? It was so awkward. I wish I would have had a menu to hide behind. I wish my camera would have been in my diaper bag so I could have taken her picture. Instead I tried to ignore her and stopped eating till she left. Maybe I should have made stupid faces at her.

 I'm sorry to get all freaked out and ranty but it begs the question: where do you draw the line between flattery and being inappropriate? Have your looks ever brought you to an awkward situation?
1940s plus size jeans and crocheted turban via Va-Voom Vintage
Outfit details
 40's polka dot blouse- thrifted
 vintage deadstock men's work trousers- Leo's Old Clothes, Columbia, MO
 40's crochet turban- handmade by me
various bakelite bangles


  1. Love, love LOVE the hair! As much as I am I steadfast supporter of brunettes, the blonde looks really fresh and fabulous on you. What fun!

    I don't even know what to say about the cell phone stalker! Rude beyond belief - I'm sorry you found yourself in that situation >:( What a weird end to a really lovely day.

  2. The blonde suits you so well! I also just found blue teacups similar to the ones you found, and teacups with the same pattern as the plates! Small world?

    As for the picture thing, I can see how it's pretty rude, but it just doesn't bother me personally. :\

  3. Oh my gosh!! I love you with blonde hair!! You look so lovely. :) And you guys got some great finds!!

  4. The turban is fabulous! I love all the colors in it, so cheerful! Carmen Miranda indeed! :) And the blonde is lovely, it really suits your coloring!

    Ugh, I do know what you mean about rude strangers who completely overreact to someone in a dress/vintage look/uncommon head adornment. Some people really ought to go back to elementary school and retake their lessons on basic manners, or just go outside of their normal haunts every now and then so they get used to the idea that some people have their own style! I especially don't get it since your outfit here isn't crazy or anything, its feminine and fun but not over-the-top. Ah well, I think its best to act like it doesn't faze you, unless you get an easy opportunity to shove their rudeness right back in their face and stick your tongue out at them or something mature like that. ;) Hey, it would be satisfying..
    - Emily

  5. Oh dear lord... before I got my vintage-y haircut, I used to have a foot high lime green mohawk, so I know all about the strangers with cameras! It happens far less nowadays, but it's still annoying! Once I was with some friends in London to see a band and I may has well have been Nelson's blooming column, the amount of unwanted attention I got from tourists. It feels quite suffocating to be observed so directly.

    We're actually headed to a punk festival next weekend, the local 'camera club' is always out in force, dirty old men who think that if a woman dresses differently she's a whore who doesn't mind being letched at, or stupid people who think it's ok to come up and paw at my boyfriend's hair and jacket or people's tattoos.

    I suppose some grumpy people will say that if you don't want people looking at you then you shouldn't stray from the norm in terms of how you dress, but it's our right to wear our clothes and hair however we want. There's a difference between taking a look at someone's interesting outfit, paying a compliment or politely asking if it's ok to take a picture, and full-on freakshow gawping or mocking someone while they're trying to eat their dinner.

    As you can see, this is a contentious issue for me, hence the rant ;)

    Glad to see the little one is growing well! xx

  6. Maybe she was actually an aspiring photographer who saw an amazing picture and retied to get a candid shot?

    Love the top picture of you with your wee babies. So cute.It's an incredibly cold summer here in the UK,I've even been wearing my winter coat at times! Send so me some sun! x

  7. You're looking absolutely gorgeous, Brittany!

    Sadly, these days, people are far more keen to take pictures of my other half than me. We were stopped in the V&A the other day and asked "are you sure you're not a member of the royal family?"

    I blame the home-knitted jumper he was wearing :)

  8. Mostly I get compliments. But I've been asked if I was serious? Yes, I am - every day. Haha. You look lovely as a blonde, and also with your homemade turban. :)

  9. Love the hair, and the turban. Oh, and the blouse too!
    Your little boy is so sweet, he has such a great smile, and yes, his ears are pretty cute too!
    Try to take the stares as compliments - you looked lovely but not extreme vintage, so people were probably just admiring you. Rude of the woman to take photos without asking though!

  10. Thank you, everyone for the compliments! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who would have been put off! Kally, I think I would have totally flipped my lid if someone pawed at me! Holy cow, people are unbelievable aren't they?

  11. You look just darling! And I love that second picture of your little man. So cute! :)

  12. I love the turban! It reminds me a little of a neat vintage style I saw in a book called a "scarf roll" which looked sort of like a victory roll only with a scarf in the center that was tied up and around one's head. If I had more manual dexterity I'd try both.

    About the gawking, I do occasionally struggle with my desire to stand out from the crowd vs. the attention that it sometimes brings. One of my in-laws is super focused on my appearance and makes me feel like a bug on a microscope slide. "you look nice/different" is one thing, but "what type of shirt is that? what is the name of that color? why aren't you wearing your contacts? oh my gawd I've never seen you wear a dress before, I MUST take a picture" is quite another. Sigh. I don't understand being so invested in another person's appearance.

  13. That's so awkward about the photo! The least she could've done is come up and ask you, not be a total creeper.

  14. We get stopped all the time too! But living in Vegas changes things. We are asked all the time if we are cast members in a "show". And by the way, I am SO jealous of your thrifting! We never make scores like that! I was just complaining out Salvation Army is going out of its mind selling couches/chairs for $250+

  15. Oooh! Look at you and your locks of sunshine! Really suits you :)

    Hmmm - i think I would have had to approach her and ask what she thought she was doing. I have had a similar experience once when I was out for a walk - but they were too far ahead of me to say anything. In any case - not only were you nomming Mexican - you were with your children - which is doubly creepy.


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