*When* are we, Doctor? or The Atomic Dalek Skirt


Sorry, I've been watching a LOT of Dr. Who via Netflix lately.

Today, I found myself completely out of my era at a Lewis and Clark re-enactment in historic St. Charles. Lewis and Clark Heritage Days is hosted every year on the riverfront of the Missouri River. Pj and I both love living history events. He really gets a kick out of talking to the craftsmen and getting tips and advice on his hobbies from guys who really know their stuff.

"You blow it, you buy it"- love it!

It was a gorgeous day after a week of rainy cruddy weather so the kids, Amanda and I all enjoyed the sun and fresh squeezed lemonade while Pj chatted with the reenactors. Amanda and I recieved lots of compliments from the reenactors on our 50's ensembles and had fun checking out the corsets and bonnets in the costume booth.

Besame Sample Kit
After the festivities, we popped into Llewellyn's pub for some much-needed grub and drinks and play with lipstick. Amanda ordered a Besame sample pack for us to try out before shelling out the cash for a lipstick that may or may not be flattering. The sample packs are really lovely!

They come in this pretty little package with a card detailing the different shades of lipstick. The samples are plastic lipstick-shaped tubes, dipped in the lipstick, giving you enough for about 2 applications each. Each sample pack comes with 6 shades of Besame lipsticks and is just $8!

The lipsticks all smell really fresh and nice and we had fun smudging them on the backs of our hands while we ate our french onion soup. We didn't get to actually try them out today since the lighting in the pub so I think we're going to give them a test drive tomorrow. I'll post pics and reviews of each!

My Atomic Dalek Skirt 
Today, I wore my new handmade skirt. I found this awesome 1950's cotton kitchen fabric at my antique mall a few weeks ago. The pattern features retro salt and pepper shakers. After our recent Dr. Who marathon, Pj thinks they look like atomic Daleks so it has now become the Dalek skirt.
For this skirt, I used the skirt pieces from a Vintage Vogue pattern and I made my own waistband. I wore a crinoline to give it a little more puffiness.

vintage hat- Alton, IL antique shop
blouse- The Limited
celluloid rose brooch- St Charles Antiques
yellow belt- thrifted
50's skirt- handmade by me
black and yellow bakelite bracelets- local antique malls
shoes- thrifted

Other Pretties
What's a day out without a little shopping? Today, I picked up some really cute novelty brooches to add to my growing collection of odd jewelry. 
vintage umbrella and bird pin/ Hawaiian ukelele pin
lucite rainbow fish/ can can girl brooches

above brooches with 50's confetti spades brooch


  1. Wonderful job on the skirt!! You and Amanda look so adorable, no wonder you got some compliments. ;)

  2. You look adorable! I love the hat! Looks like you had tons of fun. :)

  3. How fun! I love historical reenactments as well! And that skirt (and the hat) are so cute

  4. I didn't realise you were so near. How did you do with the flooding? Not too much near you?
    I do WW2 reenacting. We are an odd bunch, reenactors...
    I have a tattoo based off the George Rogers Clark flag. I wish the attention on the Lewis and Clark expedition that has increased lately would shine more light on what George did to open the world to them.

  5. Love the skirt, so cute! Looks like you guys had a great day =)
    I've played in the SCA for a while, but never got into reenactment (it's a bit more unusual here in Sweden than it is in either the UK or the US). One of the best thing, for me, with recreating history (which is what SCA in Sweden do) is all the craft-knowledge. There's' so many people out there with amazing skills, and they're often very generous with teaching others. Nothing gets a craftman going like someone expressing an interest in learning! =)

  6. Thanks again for the interview!


  7. Such a cute skirt! I love unusual prints like that!

  8. Glitzkrieg- luckily we haven't had much flood damage in Missouri, at least not in the greater St Louis area. They had to blow up a few levees and flood farm land to prevent any city damage, thank goodness but I feel awful for our farmers. Looks like produce prices at the farmers markets will be going up!
    Erika, oh my husband would LOVE to do the SCA!! We used to do live action role-playing (like D&D) which was sorta similar...but not! *lol* The SCA in St Louis are a really nice bunch of people. When we did our role-playing, one of the local SCA armories let us come use their metal and tools to make armor for our game, which was a blast!

  9. Ahhh!!!! I love the "Dalek" skirt!!!!!! I also totally need to order one of those sample sets from Besame, that's such a fantastic idea, it's always so hard to choose which colors to get online.


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