1940s vintage fashion for moms via Va-Voom Vintage

Horray for Thursday nights- date night! last night, Pj and I dropped off the kiddos with their Grannie and we went out for dinner and a movie.

Pj is a big fan of comic books and he had been wanting to see Thor since it was in production so that was our date night movie. Overall, I liked it. It did have some obligatory cheesetastic moments, required by all comic book flicks. The costumes were pretty dramatic (in a silly way) as well but that's expected, I suppose.

 I think my favorite part of going to the theater was (oddly) the previews! There are a ton of awesome comic book movies coming out this year and since they're set in the past, they boast loads of vintage fashion inspiration! More on that topic soon...

Anywho, this was my ensemble for the evening, sans baby, of course. My chartreuse cardigan makes another appearance. I must find more of this color! My middy is getting easier to style every day. This time, I decided to bust out my hot sticks. I never had any luck with them in the past but now that my hair has been thinned out and layered, they work beautifully!
1940s vintage fashion for moms via Va-Voom Vintage

black shirtwaist dress- thrifted
hat- antique mall
brooch-estate sale
wedges- estate sale