My little guy was born on April 18th at 7:53pm his name is Rhys Zachary Lewis Sherman. He weighs 6 pounds, is 18.5 inches long and looks exactly like his daddy.
Rhys gets a bath

Labor and Delivery
I went to the doctor yesterday and after an exam, we agreed that it was time to go to the hospital and have a baby! The nurses started me on pitocin at 4:30 and by 5:20, I was feeling heavy contractions. I had an epidural with Olivia, which made labor and delivery a fairly pleasant experinece so I wanted to take the same route this time. I recieved an epidural at 7:30pm, the doctor broke my water at 7:40 and at 7:50, I was screaming "He's coming!!" A nurse said "Oh, honey it's just pressure you're okay." and I yelled back "no, he's coming NOW!!" My epidural had no time to kick in and I was flying all natural. They peeked under my blanket, saw a noggin getting ready to make an appearance and ran to get the doctor.  I screamed like a lunatic but after 2 pushes for his head and one for his body, he was born and all of my pain and worry was gone.
My mom, my sister, Pj's mom and Pj were all present for delivery. Pj and Mom helped hold my legs and everyone was there to support me and tell me that I could do it. It was a big party but I was so glad to have them all there for me. All of the women in my family have been blessed with 4 hour labors but this was madness! Throughout my contractions, I kept saying "The big prize at the end is almost here. I can do it!"

My New Little Family

Olivia meets Rhys (and mommy wears a very glamorous towel on her head!)

Rhys is more amazing than I could have imagined. I am so tickled at how much he looks like Pj. He's a teeny tiny boy but he has a big nose, ears, hands and feet. I think he will grow into them like a puppy. Olivia saw him and loved him at first sight...and then he started to cry, which upset her VERY much! I'm breastfeeding and he's a very good little eater so far. He's very alert, curious and healthy. He likes to try to chew on his hands so we're keeping mittens on him so he doesn't scratch his little face. He must have been a thumb-sucker in the womb because when he was on his way into the world, he had one hand up to his face, trying to suck that thumb. Rhys loves to snuggle and look at faces while people talk to him.
I will probably be blogging a little less for the next few weeks as I get to know Rhys and adjust to being a mommy of two. Olivia will be needing LOTS of extra lovin' now that there's another little bean in the house, taking our attention. I'm sure I'll pop on to blog a bit and read your blogs while the kids nap. I hope you enjoy pics of my little "peanut butter cup".

Thank you so much to everyone for the advice and well-wishes throughout my pregnancy and of course, for your patience while I rambled on about babies! We'll soon be returning to our regularly-scheduled vintage fashion programming. I'll be sent home from the hospital tomorrow so there will be -loads- of other baby pics very soon!