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 I've been slacking in the laundry department lately so we thought it would be a good plan to load it all up and take care of all of it at the laundromat this morning

I kind of love laundromats (or "laundry- mats" as I call them)
I love the funny retro signs telling you to not play in the baskets, let your children run around like monsters and to not overload the washing machines. I love the candy machines, the interesting people that come and go and the general old fashioned feel of a laundromat  There's something hypnotic about watching your socks and towels go round in a swish of fresh, soapy water and that divine scent of warm, clean laundry....aahhhhhh!! I often smell those "clean linen" scented candles but there's nothing that compares to the real deal.
Today was Olivia's first time at the laundromat and I think she kind of loved it at first. We enjoyed walking around, watching all of the front loading washing machines and dryers do their thing. She had to touch every window, of course. We shared M&Ms from the candy machines and watched Pj play one of those vintage arcade games featuring a little triangle space ship shooting at things. Towards the end, she did get unruly so I had to hang her upside down and chew on her tummy until she decided to behave.

Laundry day outfits are always my favorite. It's like the day before grocery shopping when you throw together whatever you have left and it may or may not make sense. Very few of my shirts fit anymore and this blue vintage button-up blouse is one of them. It buttons across the bust but no longer fits across my belly so I got creative and paired it with this blue vintage sweater vest which I've never worn before. I left the shirt totally unbuttoned underneath.  I'm really loving the look and feel of sweater vests all of a sudden. After fighting with a few pairs of awful maternity pants, I went with this black stretchy skirt, comfy black flats and easy "rosie" scarf, which made me feel very much like a laundry lady.

vintage cotton scarf- warehouse sale
40's button-up blouse- thrifted, St. Vincent de Paul
sweater vest- warehouse sale
skirt- thrifted
flats- thrifted

and the scary blurry beast flying out of the dryer is the throw for my couch.


  1. Wow you make doing laundry so much fun!

    When I haul my stuff up to the laundrymat, I grumble all the way there and back!

    The people who use the ones in my area cart in 20 washer loads full, let their kids run unattended and there are no cool vintage video games waa lol...

  2. I confess to liking laundromats too! I don't know what it is. I never had to use them as we have our own washer & dryer but I miss them

    When we staying in an apartment in Pasadena for a couple of months the laundry was in the basements I LOVED doing the laundry when I was there, my husband thought I was slightly crazy!

  3. I agree, I love laundromats! And you look so cute in your outfit. Much better than what most people wear "out", am I right?

  4. I love laundromats; someday I want to own one...when I was a child and laundry was one of my chores; I set up a pretend laundromat; made doing the laundry much more fun....I think if I had the space, I would like doing laundry; I actually love the process, it's the sheer volume I object to.

    1950's Atomic Ranch House; count your blessings that I'm doing my laundry safe and sound in my tiny laundry room in Idaho; I'd be the one with 20 loads of laundry, and my children would no doubt be chasing each other around the washers in circles, and giving each other rides in the carts!

  5. Ha, I never thought about it that way, but a trip to the laundromat actually sounds sort of fun. Especially love the M&M and arcade game part. :D

  6. Btw; AWFUL maternity pants is right! I don't know what they've done to maternity wear since my first child; I spend each pregnancy fighting belly bands rolling down; my husband helpfully suggested I wear suspenders! I found that non-maternity stretchy skirts or dresses were much more comfortable and didn't require suspenders!

  7. OMGoodness. I am glad to know there are others, besides me, that enjoy going to the laundry mats. The only thing is, when I used them, I was working and could only go when everyone else was going...and boy did they get crowded. Since getting married I now have a laundry room in my home that I am trying to decorate in the old fashioned Laundromat style. It is a work in LONG progress. Love your outfit and your Olivia is darling....Now I want Doritos and a Dr Pepper (my laundry mat food of choice from the vending machines).

  8. This post makes me want to go to the laundromat so badly! I haven't been there since I was about six, when we moved into our house that came with it's own laundry room. I miss the smell, and they always had free candy on the counter :D

  9. I too love laundromats! I think there is a vintage quality to them. You look so cute there too!! Love your outfit!

  10. You look so darn cute in the laundromat!
    I have a secret liking for them too. I only get to go to them if my washer or dryer I have currently need repair.. which has only happened once. hahaah I suppose wrecking them on purpose would be a horrible excuse to go there and do my laundry.
    When I was little I LOVED when my Mom and Dad would take me there!! That is until they purchased a new washer & Dryer in 1986 =( *Boo*

  11. Just found your blog and love it! I bet you're the cutest lil' lady in town doing laundry! Love your style. Look forward to future posts and exploring the old ones!

  12. have you ever seen the movie pecker by john waters? features "laundry-mats" prominently.

  13. I do miss the Laundromats but I don't miss the other people at the Laundromats stealing dryers etc... I love them when they are empty and you get them all to yourself also love the convenience of doing it all at once and not having to continually run down to the basement to change loads.

  14. Melina- Yes! That's so funny the you mention it because I was thinking about it last night after I scheduled this post. I haven't seen it in years! *lol*

  15. You are too cute! Love the Rosie hair do. :)

  16. Ah, laundromats. This post really reminds me of when I was little, and my aunt used to take me and my cousin to the laundromat next to her nail salon. It used to be decorated with a ton of vintage posters and old washing racks. *lol*
    Anyways, your daughter is sooo adorable! =)

  17. How did you make washing clothes look so glam?

  18. I can well remember the weekly trips to the laundromat with my mother, and how I happily whiled away the time when we were there. It was slow living at it's best!

  19. That is a lovely shade of blue on you! And how wonderul that you made a day at the laundromat fun!

  20. Adorable :) I'm lovin the faux bangs too!

    -Mrs Amber Apple :)


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