The Cure for the Common Cold :New Sewing Patterns


It has been so long since my last post. I've spent this past weekend with a nasty cold and taking care of Pj and Olivia, who also have nasty colds!  We were all feeling quite pathetic so we'd pile into our tiny bathroom, full of steam from the tub running and breathe in the wet, hot air. We stayed in our pajamas most of the time and napped frequently. We were hit with a shocking (and annoying) snow storm on Saturday morning that left my home town about 3 inches deep in wet slush. YUCK! Fortunately, the sun came out and melted all of it yesterday so I hope to get some outfit pics later this afternoon.

Yesterday, while Pj and Olivia napped, I curled up in front of the computer with a big glass of O.J. to look at pretty vintage things, which always makes me feel better.

Call them Pinnies, Pinafores, Jumpers or whatever, I love them! I've been searching for the perfect pinafore or pinny pattern for a long time and I have finally found it on etsy from auntnonniesnest 
1940s pinafore sewing pattern 2574B DuBarry
 Pinafores are the most perfect, versatile garment for a vintage wardrobe. You can wear them with matching blouses for a complete dress look, wear them all alone for summer days or mix it up with contrasting blouses, cardigans and accessories. They're lovely in cottons and wools alike. I cannot wait to make a few of these this year!
 Oh and a baby update: Everything is going great on the baby front! He'll be full term next week so if he can just hang on a little longer, we'll be in business! I start my weekly doctor's visits today, which always seems to put my antsy mind at ease. I have his cradle and crib all ready for his sleepy little head and all of his clothes are pre-washed and put away in his drawers. Our bags are in the trunk of the car and we're ready to roll! I do love pregnancy but I am SO ready for this to be over!


  1. I love those patterns! I like going to my local vintage store, Bygones, because they have the patterns by decades for a fairly cheap price.

  2. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    wow i'm uber impressed that you can sew that! thats awesome.
    hope the babe comes happy and healthy and SOON so your not uncomfortable for much longer!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  3. more and more I think about making some pinafores/jumpers, I never have before as I'm busty and always imagined they'd make me look worse but I quite fancy trying just for once!

    Good luck with baby stuff!!

  4. Love the pattern and sending the best of wishes on the new little one's arrival.

  5. That pinafore is vary cute!!Can't wait to see how they look when your done!!

  6. I love those too.that looks like the prettiest pattern as well.Can't wait to see your creations.Snow seems to come at weird times.I live in south carolina.we don't get much so,but last week it was in the 80's here and now it's cold.we are at 39 degrees today.Strange for this time of year in the you all feel better soon.xx

  7. Beautiful patterns!

    I hope you al feel much better!



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