Have you ever had a moment when you felt a tad...over dressed? When wearing vintage clothes made you feel like a crazy person? It happened to me this morning...

last night, I had the most horrible lower back pain. I tried advil, yoga, a massage, a hot shower- NOTHING worked. Eventually, I got comfortable (or maybe just too tired) and fell asleep. 3:00am rolled around and I was wide awake with pain right over my left kidney and feeling quite ready to toss my cookies. I was good and called my doctor's 24 hour exchange and was directed to go to the hospital.
 It was 3am, I was in my undies and I hurt so bad, I could cry.  I grabbed the nearest, easy thing to wear which was that 1940's wrap dress I just made. As I was packing the diaper bag as quick as I could, I slipped into a pair of comfy flats (black maryjanes) and headed out the door with no coat. Luckily, I had a coat in the car. Unfortunately, it was a 1950's gorgeous green wool coat with a fur collar. So, There I was at 4am, in pain- in the hospital decked out like I was going dancing or something.  I felt completely ridiculous and have never been so happy to put on one of those fabulous hospital gowns!

 On the plus side, they say everything is just fine. Baby is a wiggle worm, I don't have a kidney problem and I probably pulled a muscle or baby hit a nerve. The doctor gave me a few percoset and sent me home.

 The percoset was...interesting. I have never tried acid or crack or anything like that but I imagine that 2 percoset is a lot like what it's like. I took them at the hospital and then Pj and I popped into Steak n' Shake for a much needed breakfast. Breakfast was uh-mazing but by 5am, I was in the Steak n Shake parking lot- nearly tossing my cookies, hanging half out my car in 30 degrees in my little wrap dress with my head feeling like it was made of jello. Not so nice!  Within an hour or so, the not-so-funhouse feeling wore off and I was human again. *sigh*  I'm happy to be back home...and I think I'll just stick with tylenol! :)