Thursday nights are date night for Pj and I. We drop Olivia off at Pj's mom's house and we're baby-free for the evening. Some nights, we go out for dinner, a movie or something else fun, some nights we go home and enjoy the quiet house and some nights we just cruise around town and shop. This past Thursday night was a shopping night. First, I was able to stop at Walgreens for some much need hairpins, hand lotion, powder and makeup brushes. Olivia loves to sit with me at my vanity and destroy my makeup brushes. She has chewed the bristles on some of them, ripped the metal part off the handle and so on. I think that Santa may be bringing her a vanity of her own- Thank goodness!!

I truly adore these eco-friendly makeup brushes by Eco Tools. The brushes are made from -super- soft, cruelty-free hair (synthetic Taklon), the handles are bamboo and the metal is made from recycled aluminum. I'm all about being kind to the Earth but what really sold me (to be honest) was the softness of the brushes. They feel like feathers on your skin! Lucky me, Walgreens had them on sale buy one get one 50% off so I picked up the set of 5 plus an extra big brush. When I was a little girl, my mom always wore Coty powder and the smell reminds me of her! :)

 My mother in law lives right across the street from a big Goodwill.  I noticed last night that my coat won't zip over my belly anymore so I stopped in to see if I could find a vintagey coat to fit my growing bump till the winter is over. Usually this particular Goodwill doesn't have much of anything but as luck turned out, I hit the jack pot this time around! I found a great 1950's black coat that will last me through the winter for $12! The best part of all...It's cashmere!
   I always look for suits when I'm thrifting but rarely find anything decent. This time, I found this adorable little brown suit (originally from Walmart, if you can believe that) and a beautiful 40's style gray blazer. The suit is fabulous because even though it's not a maternity suit, the skirt fits well right now and it can be worn above or below my belly and I'll still be able to wear it once the little man is born. I love the little flower detail on the skirt and jacket.I promise, I'll get better pics of me in this suit soon! :)
close-up of flower detail on skirt

Even though it's December, it was a really nice day on Friday so I really enjoyed being able to get an outfit pic taken outside without freezing!

Friday night, we picked up Amanda after work and headed to another excellent thrift store, Value Village. Here we are before our shopping began...

My outfit:
Motherhood Maternity button up blouse: ebay
brown pencil skirt : thrifted, St. Vincent de Paul
bakelite bangles
peep toe wedges: etsy
1930's bird brooch : flea market
black snood
navy purse: thirfted, Value Village

Amanda's Outfit
Green Cardigan: thirfted, Salvation Army
Navy Belt: Thirfted, Salvation Army
Leaf print navy 40's dress: Candy's Vintage, Boulder, CO
Second hand Remix Shoes: ebay
navy Purse: thirfted, Salvation Army

My wardrobe has been lacking in blouses so poured over the blouse racks with great determination. I left with 5 new blouses (including a beaded cardigan that Amanda spotted) and the most comfortable pair of shoes that I've worn in a very long time. I also found a great gray wool skirt to match the blazer (mentioned above). I rarely find suits that fit so sometimes I pair separates to make my own "suit".

   After Value Village, we went to an antique mall right next store. Some of the booths at the antique mall had a really cute set-up. I love this retro kitchen booth!

Amanda found these adorable dress patterns, all in larger sizes! I can't wait to make time to sew these.
The evening ended in many hilarious wardrobe disasters. After our shopping adventures, we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant for dinner. As we were getting ready to leave, Olivia's sippy cup spilled soda all over my lap. When we got up to leave, I was trying to crawl through the smoky sea of people to get to the door and I noticed that the sole of my shoe was broken and was flapping around behind me! *lol*. When I got to the parking lot, it was dark, so I slipped my skirt off right there and sat in my blouse and slip all the way home. Hehe!!