This is kind of funny- I have never seen this movie. Apparently, Changeling is based on true events and is about a woman who is reunited with her missing son and soon discovers that the child is not her son after all. When she contacts authorities to explain that the child is an impostor, they claim that she is not fit to be a mother and that she is crazy.

Friends and family members of mine have seen it and said it's a very good movie but that I really shouldn't ever watch it because it's really messed up and I probably won't be able to handle it without crying my eyes out. So, I'm not watching it, ever! I think I would have nightmares for weeks.

You can read more about the plot of the film and the true events behind it here I've seen pictures from the movie and the costumes are incredible. Since this is a fashion blog anyway, I figured we'd just stick to the costumes without me having to be scarred for life!  Plus, I'm paranoid enough about my children as it is.

Changeling is set in 1928 L.A. The gorgeous costumes were designed by Deborah Hopper who worked on last week's Friday Night Fashion and a Movie, Chaplin as a costume supervisor for the women's department. I love the mixture of fabric textures, the accessories and of course,the use of faux fur and lots of greens! I hope that you enjoy pics of Hopper's stunning 1920's creations.