Wow, its been a long time since my last Friday movie post! My goal was to post one vintage-inspired movie with excellent fashions every Friday for a year. That's okay, I have a new idea for next year's Friday nights so -maybe- I'll have better luck next year!

This long-over due Friday night movie pick is Chaplin starring the dashing Robert Downey Jr as Charlie Chaplin. I watched this flim a few months ago and adored it.  Chaplin tells the intriguing and controversial life story of the legendary filmmaker, Charlie Chaplin. Robert Downey is extraordinary as Charlie Chaplin. He captures the comedy and sadness of Chaplin with perfection!

The movie begins with his poor life as a boy in London, handling a mentally ill mother and trying to keep a job. When he moves to America, new opportunities in Hollywood give him the start he needs to begin a new life as an actor and film maker.

Throughout his life, Charlie has many wives and girlfriends but his heart never forgets the girl he left behind in London.

The film spans his entire life from boyhood to old age, providing a wealth of beautiful costuming from different eras.

    Costumes for Chaplin were designed by Ellen Mirojnick and John Mollo. Mollo worked on costuming for Star Wars (A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back) and Alien. Mirojnick's eclectic works include films such as Showgirls, The Ghost and the Darkness, One Night at McCools, and this year's Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps.

     Chaplin is touching, fascinating, hilarious and a beautiful movie- well worth watching!