21 Stunning Cardigans That You Can Make!


In my wanderings a few days ago,  I stumbled upon this incredibly inspiring (and adorable) blog, Grosgrain. Grosgrain is all about sewing lovely things. It's full of giveaways, tutorials and beautiful pictures.
   Right now, it's Embellish Knit Month at Grosgrain featuring lots of beautiful thrift store knits with unique embellishments and they were so beautiful, I wanted to share. With snow coming and the winter weather biting, we can all use a few pretty cardigans to brighten our moods and wardrobes. Here are some of my favorites...

 Cardigans are usually just a few bucks at thrift stores. You can also find new ones on sale for pretty cheap at any department store. A few months ago, I bought 8 new cardigans in various colors for less than $20 at a Salvation Army thrift store. The problem with thrift store cardigans is that they are often boxy and frumpy, they are too long or have ugly buttons and so on. With a few dollars and a little bit of sewing know-how, you can embellish your plain thrift store cardigans and create something totally unique!

To the left is today's beautiful Anthropologie-inspired cardigan (for just $6!). Do pop over and check out tutorials for all of these beautiful cardigans (And more!) on Grosgrain's Embellish Knit Month. As soon as I have some extra time, I'm going to try my hand at embellishing a few of my old cardigans too!


  1. I just found this blog too! I want to go out and revamp some cardigans now!

  2. Thanks for the link, I was just thinking I need a few more pretty cardigans for summer. Love the yellow one with the ruffled flowers!


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