I just got copies of our Halloween pics from this year and I wanted to share. Halloween is a time to honor our ancestors and loved ones that passed away so we brought out photos of our ancestors....
Below are a few of my relatives from the civil war up to the 1930's. 

The lady and baby to the left are my great-great grandmother and my great grandfather. The boy in the middle is my great grandfather.
For all holidays, my family likes to celebrate by bringing back some ancient traditions. This is one of my favorites. Every year, I make a plate from our Halloween feast and set it outside just in case the spirits of my deceased loved ones happen to pass by the house.  I always include a little bit of pecan pie for my Grandma Jasinski because pecan pie was her favorite. Here's this year's plate of munchies (with a tiny pecan pie and hot apple cider) for the passing spirits. Yum!:

Last year, Olivia was only a few weeks old so she couldn't enjoy the festivities as much.This year, she's able to run around and get into mischief. I was hoping to go as Penelope for Halloween but all of the dressing up, scary decorations and general commotion caused Olivia to be very upset and I figured that Mommy having a pig's nose would put her over the edge so I dressed as a tired, pregnant mommy for Halloween! I had been cleaning, decorating and chasing Olivia all day so I had pants, t-shirt and messy hair all day and into the evening but Olivia made up for my appearance with her cuteness!

Here's Olivia as a little devil and us right after trick-or-treating. This kid LOVES M&M's and luck for her, she got several bags when we went out! She is very good at sharing everything but she will -not- share M&M's. She pretends like she will hand them to you, holding them out and smiling sweetly. Then, as you reach out to accept them, she pops them in her mouth and runs away!!

 This was our Halloween feast and some of our decorations...Jell-o....eewww!

That's all I have for now. I hope that everyone had a happy Halloween!! :)