Friday Night Fashion and a Movie: Pan's Labyrinth


In St. Louis, the leaves are changing and the temperatures are dropping. We bought a pumpkin last night and I'm really getting into the Halloween spirit. I absolutely love Halloween. When I was a little girl, my mom would go all out in decorating the house and scaring the hell out of the neighborhood kids and sewing the most unique and awesome costumes for my sister and I. I could live in a constant state of Autumn and never tire of it!

To celebrate October and my favorite holiday which is quickly approaching, this week's Friday Night pick is the dark fairytale, Pan's Labyrinth.
Pan's Labyrinth tells the story of the young girl, Ofelia who travels with her pregnant mother in 1944 post-civil war Spain to live with her new stepfather, an evil and dangerous Spanish army captain.  Ofelia is a very imaginative little girl who irritates the Captain with her wild stories and nonsensical books. In the middle of the night, she is visited by a fairy who takes her to meet a creepy old faun. The faun tells Ofelia that she is a Princess and if she wants to see her father, the King she must complete 3 dangerous tasks.
Meanwhile, in the surrounding forests, rebels battle the Captain and his army with the help of some of the captain's own servants.  Ofelia's 3 tasks give her strength to stand up to the captain and help save her baby brother.

 * note: even though this story is a "fairytale" there are lots of extremely violent, scary scenes*


  1. That movie really was super creepy, not at all what I expected.

  2. I love this movie! Now I want to watch it. :) Of course, I watched it before I "found" vintage so I can now pay more attention to the costumes.

  3. That movie is so beautiful and creepy at the same time. Great choice

  4. One of my all time favourites :)I love its atmosphere and setting. Perfect adult fairy tale!

  5. What a truely memorable movie. I haven't seen it in a while but your post makes me want to watch it again. So sad and moving but so captivating and so unique. Not like the traditional fairytale movies we're used to watching at all!

    Vintage Belle Blog

  6. Enjoy the movies!!!! That makes two, my dear!!! I love fall...and all holidays including Halloween....Having little ones to share it with makes it better! Dont you agree???

  7. I love this movie. It's actually part of a trilogy. Kronos, Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth. But Pan's is the best one.

  8. Neat! I had no idea that this was part of a trilogy. I'll have to hunt down the other two!

  9. I have given you an award which you can find here:

    Enjoy and have a fabulous week =)

  10. Pans Labyrinth is such a fabulous film!


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