Mr Sandman, Bring Me a Vintage Dream:A Challenge


Some people dream in color, some can feel pain in dreams. Some are better at math or can speak a foreign language in dreams. But me, I dream in vintage....

Seriously, like many women, I curl up in bed and think about my day, my projects that I want to do tomorrow, how excited I am to go shopping this weekend and then eventually I bore myself and fall asleep, then I often dream about vintage!

Just last night, I had a dream that I was in a vintage clothing store and they had the most FANTASTIC hats I had ever seen!! velvets, wool, satin, beading, feathers, all jewel tone, of course. All glorious vintage hats from the 20's-40's and all under $5! I tried them all on and of course, they all looked perfect! Some were tall and what some people would call "obnoxious" but I called them beautiful. I was so happy because everywhere I go, I always search for "the perfect hat". I'm never quite sure what this dream hat will look like but I'm always on the hunt for it. And here I was, in a shop with several shelves of (literally) dream hats. Some still had original tags and boxes, some were missing beading which meant that I would have the pleasure of fixing them. I bought all of them and just as the shop keeper was putting them in a bag, I woke up! :( *sobs* what a terrible awakening!! Luckily, I still remember what they look like, so now I do know what my "dream hat" looks like!

With vintage dreams also come vintage nightmares like the time I dreamed I was shopping at one of my favorite vintage shops and I saw a girl sitting in a pile of dresses, cutting them to mid-thigh length and ripping the tags out of them! Naturally, I attacked her and woke up sweaty and panting. Pj woke up and said "What's wrong?!" and I replied "Oh, my god! I just had the most TERRIBLE dream!" *LOL*

Do you ever dream in vintage? What is your dream vintage find?
Speaking of dreaming in vintage? Have you heard about Super Kawaii Mama's re-imagine your wardrobe challenge? Yes? No? Either way, here are the rules....
* You may use FOUR images to represent your dreamscape – None of these images can include any actual clothing pictures or direct clothing references.
* Put the image references together with a picture of yourself in the outfit you’ve created from this inspiration.
* The outfit must be put together from items already in your wardrobe – no extra shopping allowed! ( No I can’t police this, but shopping for these would just be cheating yourself)
* To submit your work, simply either publish it on your blog and link back to it in the comments section of this post so everyone can visit you and see it, OR if you don’t have a blog, you can email me your submission to info at superkawaiimama dot com dot au.
* The five best submissions will be published on Super Kawaii Mama and the best submission will win a SURPRISE gift pack!
* Entries are open to everyone, no matter your age, location or gender.
Check out the rest of her Imagine A New Wardrobe Challenge here
These are my 4 dreamscape images....all things that I have actually dreamed about!

I love rain. watching it makes me day dream and listening to it makes me fall asleep. I have always been soothed by water and I love to watch it fall in puddles on the street.

These are the stairs inside the St Augustine Lighthouse in St Augustine Florida. Pj and I honeymooned in St Augustine and I climbed these stairs. I dream of moving there someday!

Come on, what girl doesn't dream of chocolate?!

Is there anything more dreamy than sitting under a tree in the autumn, listing to the leaves crackle and crunch and feeling the wind blow, tangling up your hair?

If you participate in Super Kawaii Mama's challenge, let me know so I can see your dreamscapes!! xoxo


  1. I told my husband about your dream of attacking the girl who was destorying {!!!} the vintage dresses and he laughed as hard as I did when I read it. Must save the vintage!!!

    I heard of Super Kawaii Mama's challenge and I am so keen to try it out too.

    bonita of Depict This!

  2. oh yes I sometimes have 'vintage' dreams only the other night I dreamt I went into a house near my mums where an old lady was selling all her stuff as she was moving, loads of other vintage lovers were there but I was finding all the best bits, it was a good dream but only a dream ;o)

  3. I have vintage dreams too. Once Solanah from Vixen Vintage let me raid her wardrobe... and everything miraculously fit me!!! Another time I found a great vintage store but didnt have any money to buy anything, and they had the perfect dress that fit me just right! What a nightmare!

  4. Ooo this sounds interesting ,i might have a go at this.
    I love your dreamscape pics!
    Had to have a giggle at the dream about you attacking the girl cutting up vintage dresses lol.
    The guy that owns the little vintage shop in my town showed me this gorgeous 50's dress & told me that the girl that had laybyed it told him after she paid the deposit that she was going to cut it up!He was horrified but felt he couldn't take it back because she'd already paid money on it.It was in perfect condition & just beautiful,i felt like crying,actually i got all teary & had to control myself.My mum,who isn't even into vintage said can't you tell her you accidentally sold it to someone else or something but we live in a small town & they are a new shop struggling to make a profit so he didn't feel he could.It was very sad leaving that beautiful dress behind knowing it was going to be destroyed:(

  5. Well, I'm glad that I'm not the only crazy lady out there who dreams about vintage. Mrs. Cleaver- oh, that makes me want to cry!! I could see cutting up an old damaged dress but destroying a garment in perfect condition should be a crime!! My friend met a lady at an estate sale who buys vintage and rips the buttons off so she can glue them together and make some god-awful piece of jewelry. I asked my girlfriend "Did you punch her lights out?" LOL!

  6. I often have dreams where I've found an amazing dress and wake up only to find it didn't really happen. But I generally have rather bizarre and/or awful dreams that are quite stressful, actually. I think my dreamscape would include a lot of staircases, people chasing me (often with guns), toilets (I dream about toilets a lot...haha), and random celebrities like Mark Wahlberg. ;]
    -Andi x


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