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This past weekend, Pj, Olivia and I packed up the whole house for a weekend trip to Southern Missouri. Every year, Pj's family plans a weekend to Patty Creek Farm Bed and Breakfast. The farm is set on a picturesque 111 acres with a spring-fed creek running through it. There are 3 houses, the Sunset House, The Farm House and the Hunting Cabin. Pj, Olivia and I shared the loft of the Farm House with my sister-in-law, Nellie and her two little girls. Here's our house, which is over 100 years old. You can see the Sunset House in the background

the little space on the left was my room.
The weekend began with a very long, rainy drive. After getting quite soaked while unpacking our car in the rain, we settled down on the porch and watched the little ones splash in the muddy puddles. Pj's family has a TON of small children and when they all get together, it's usually very loud, messy and fun to sit back and watch! After the rain died down and the kids went to sleep, Pj, Nellie and I stayed up past midnight baking a few pies. Here's the "real" me in my sock monkey pajamas, baking pies!

Saturday morning started out with a huge breakfast feast for 25 people followed by clean-up and playing in the creek. Pj and I caught a ton of crawfish or (crawdaddies as we call them in Missouri). We grossed out the little girls with them, then let them go free back in the creek.

Olivia loved floating around on the raft with her daddy. She just learned to splash a few weeks ago!

Rosie (the farm dog) and I enjoyed exploring the old barn. This vintage 1940's dress is from Twila Jean's etsy shop, Exquisite Bones

Saturday night, all of the kids and a few of the mommas enjoyed a little hayride followed by a fantastic fireworks show at the sunset house. Olivia was scared of the noise so Pj and I took her inside and watched the show from the kitchen windows.
Sunday morning, we were all exhausted so we packed up and headed out right after breakfast. In this area of middle-America, there isn't much of anything! Sadly, after driving for about 3 hours, we only found ONE antique shop! I love the Silvermines Antique Shop.
It's situated right smack in the middle of no-where and is owned by a sweet little lady who is always so excited when a customer walks in the door. She always has a lovely selection of vintage jewelry, hats, pyrex and quilts. I found this vintage Alice in Wonderland umbrella for the bargain price of $15 and a funny little astrological handkerchief. Along the way home, we stopped in Farmington, desperate for another decent antique shop. After asking a local resident for directions, we found "The Factory" which was a factory and has been converted into an antique mall. The gal that worked there told us that they used to make suits for the world's tallest man there! I found a little bag of green vintage buttons and some ladybug paper plates for Olivia's first birthday party in October. Oh, here's a pic of "The Factory". They have a thrift store and a little vintage booth inside. The thirft store is run by a local church ministry so it was closed on Sunday. (oh, sadness!!)Note to midwestern vintage-lovers: forget about shopping charity shops on sundays. In the bible belt, everything is usually closed!

I wore my new overalls that I just made last week! The two red buttons on the straps are bakelite, the others are just plastic but they're all vintage. I made these overalls using the Butterick pants pattern 5250. I drafted my own pattern for the tops of the overalls. The red polka dot blouse and red espadrilles are vintage.


  1. The Pies, oh my god the pies, they were delicious, and if anymore would have fit in my stomache I would have eaten it! I heard you had to pitch some of it, I wish I had thought to ask if I could have brought some home, then the awesomeness could have continued. They really were amazing, better than good!

  2. Are those PJs Nick and Nora?? If you love sock monkies, you should look out for the slippers they have

  3. What amazing outfits you have, looks like so much fun too!!
    You look just lovely!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  4. Gorgeous and real. Fantastic!

  5. yep, they're nick and nora. I actually bought some of the slippers for my mom for x-mas a year or so ago. . For those who love pie or just love to bake, the pie was Pear a Gruyere pie and here's the recipe (especially for you, Nell!)

  6. Hi! I just started reading your blog and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading this entry. It sounds like you had an absolutely lovely time.

    I think your overalls outfit is just gorgeous!

  7. What lovely overalls! I'm looking for a pair myself.

    -Desiree, Pop-o-matic Deluxe!

  8. Love the overalls - tres Rosie the Riveter!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  9. OMGOSH! I love what you did to that dress you got from me! Looks SO stinking cute!! What fun!

  10. Great pictures plus I TOTALLY love your sock monkey pj's!! lol =)

  11. Thanks, Twila! I bought some plain cotton and added it to the bottom (cause I'm kinda tall!) and added some piping to accentuate the adorable shape of the pockets! I love it, its one of my favorite dresses- perfect for the country!! I'll be doing a post just about that dress very soon! The pics just don't show the adorable details!

  12. Sounds like a glorious weekend away.The house & surrounds are just wonderful & your 40's dress & overalls are so sweet,you look lovely in both.
    I wish i had vintage/antique shops like that where i lived.

  13. Super cute Overalls!!!! I wish I could sew *sigh*


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