My mother-in-law works at a home for adults with developmental disabilities and every week, she picks a different theme to plan activities around. This week is 1950's week. She is cooking 50's food, playing 50's music, watching LOTS of Elvis and she has asked me to come in on Friday night and talk to her residents (14 adorable ladies) about fashions from the 50's!

A few of the ladies are old enough to remember the 50's and they are ALL Elvis fans, so this should be a really fun theme this week!! So, now I'm brainstorming about what the heck I'm going to talk about!!

While I do love to ramble on about fashion history and how the female silhouette has evolved over the years, I know that would put everyone to sleep! We're going to do a little 50's fashion show and tell. So, here's my plan so far....

Hats: I have a pretty good little collection of vintage hats so I'm going to bring them in for the ladies to pass around and try on

Dresses and Crinolines: Crinolines were a big part of 50's fashions and the "New Look" so I'm going to bring in a few to show off. Amanda is coming to help so we're both going to wear our prettiest 50's dress also

Accessories: These ladies love accessories as much as I do, I thought it would be fun to bring in some costume jewelry, gloves, cat eye glasses, handbags and things like that for everyone to play with and look at

The Poodle Skirt Craft: I used to work here, so I know these ladies LOVE to do hands-on activities like crafts. So, I'm going to draw a poodle skirt and copy it and have everyone color and decorate their own poodle skirts with ribbon, jewels and things like that.

If anyone else has any good ideas for my little 1/2 hour 50's fashion presentation, please do share!! I'm having a hard time coming up with good ideas for this one. Thanks!!