Yesterday morning, Livvie, Pj and I ventured out into the scary world of the Tax-Free weekend. In Missouri, every year, the state has a weekend when no one has to pay sales tax on back to school items. Needless to say, the psychotic moms are out in full force, driving like maniacs and swarming every retail store trying to get the best deals.

In spite of the craziness, I had some errands to run for Olivia's birthday party planning. I'm a complete crazy person when it comes to planning parties! I'm a certified professional wedding planner, but since I can't stand brides and I'm a full-time momma, I filed my certification and avoid telling anyone about my qualifications! Instead, I use my party planning expertise and enthusiasm on family birthday parties! Last year, I planned a Roman party for my step dad, who is a history buff. We had traditional roman foods, music, togas and of course, booze brewed by my husband.
This October, Olivia turns one so I'm planning an adorable ladybug theme party based on designs by The Party Dress.

Like I said, I'm ridiculous so I started the planning 2 months in advance. Pj and I both have HUGE families, so we rented a pavilion at a local park and made invitations for just over 50 people...just the close family! I know, crazy!
For party favors, we bought some $1 store coloring books and are making lady-bug shaped crayons for the kids, kinda like these.

We went to a little cake supply shop in search of a ladybug mould but sadly, they didn't have what I was looking for. :(

The weather yesterday was lovely so I used it as an excuse to wear one of my new garter belts and seamed stockings from Fancy Pants and More on etsy.

It took a few minutes of getting used to the feel of it but I really loved it! The garter belt gives a little tummy support but it was more comfortable than a full body girdle.
I loved receiving my package from Fancy Pants. She took great care to package everything really nicely and as soon as I opened the package, the scent of fresh laundry filled the air. Is there anything more lovely than fresh laundry?
Do check out Fancy Pants and More for lots of great deals on vintage under-things!

Oh, on a side note, Olivia stood up for the first time this morning!! *yay*!!

Green blouse- thrifted at goodwill
Vintage green skirt- The Baleout
comfy flats-payless
garter belt- Fancy Pants and More
seamed stockings- antique shop
vintage green hat- antique mall
bumble bee brooch-handmade by me