I'm very excited about this weekend because I finally get to go shopping. I haven't bought anything new in weeks because I've been saving for a vintage road trip in September, so this weekend I get to go to my two favorite vintage shops.

While I finish my chores today, I have a stack of some of my favorite movies to keep me company. So, for this week's Friday night movie, I picked one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time: Amelie

It's not vintage in any way, but it has a very timeless, classic feel. The costumes, sets, story, everything about Amelie makes me smile! It's the ultimate feel-good movie and I just love that. When I first watched it, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. As soon as Pj got home from work, I had to re-start it so he could watch it too.

We stayed up past midnight watching it and of course, he fell in love. I think what I love most about Amelie is that the movie focuses on a lot of common day-to-day topics but makes them seem so wonderful. Its one of those movies that makes you stop and appreciate all of the little things in life.

If I were a character in Amelie, they would say:
"This is Brittany Sherman.
She dislikes when people talk on the phone in the check-out line and ignore their cashier. She also dislikes hair in the drain of the bath tub and the sticky, hard crunch of peanut brittle. She likes to peel off her nail polish. She also likes to watch people in their cars because they don't think anyone can see them, she likes the garlic scent of her neighbor cooking Indian food."

Amelie lives alone in a small apartment and is a waitress at a local cafe. As a child, she was sheltered from the world my her father and lives in her own little world. When she grows up, she finds interest in observing the relationships of people around her. When she finds a strange box of hidden treasures in the wall of her bathroom, she is determined to return the box to its owner.

When she sees how touched the man is, she changes the lives of everyone around her by seeing to it that they are happy

One day outside of a photo booth, she sees a strange young man collecting torn up photos of strangers. When he runs away and leaves his album of strangers behind, Amelie tries to solve the mystery of the identity of the owner of the album and the man in many of the pictures.
The beautiful costumes for Amelie were designed by Madeline Fontaine and Emma Lebail.

I love Amelie's unique style. She wears a lot of cardigans, lacy tops, skirts and long coats. The colors of her wardrobe are so rich and lovely. This fall, we can all pull a little fashion inspiration from Amelie.

cardigan    green skirt    boots     polka dot dress     gnome purse

Have a lovely weekend!