Well, my husband has been on vacation for the past two weeks and today is his first day back to work. It has been so wonderful having him home. Even though we didn't travel, we made the most of his vacation time by taking a few family outings, relaxing days at home, estate sales, crafty days, etc. I have so many pictures and stories to share from the past few weeks, but today, it's all about getting my house put back together and washing some new vintage clothes I just picked up this past week. I took inventory of my wardrobe the other day, to determine what key pieces are missing, so I can make a shopping list for upcoming estate sales and thrifting adventures. It got me wondering some things about my readers....

So, I thought this little break from talking would be the perfect chance to hear about you! As much as I can ramble on, I really love to listen and learn about people. So, here are some questions for conversation starters. Please share in your comments below!

1.) How long have you been wearing vintage?
2.) Do you wear vintage fashions 24-7 or do you mix with modern?
3.) What do you love about vintage fashions?
4.) What is your favorite garment?
5.) What is the one thing you regret buying
6.) What are you on the look-out for right now?

Thanks for playing, can't wait to read your answers!....now back to cleaning house! Oh, what a glamorous life! *lol*