Amanda was kind enough to pass some of her vintage clothes that she doesn't wear anymore on to me. This dress was one of my favorites, especially when paired with this cream lace top. The skirt is paper thin, making it a perfect choice on one of those typical Missouri summer days, when it feels like I'm walking through a rain forest.

This hat and I were meant to be. I fell in love with it one day at the antique mall but I said that if it were there next time, it would come home with me. Next time I went there, it sat in the same place waiting for me! Pj says it looks like I have a clam shell on my head but I like it. I feel like one of the oysters from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland.

"Little Oysters, come and walk with us! The day is warm and bright. A pleasant walk, a pleasant talk would be a sheer delight."

"And if we get hungry along the way, we'll stop and have a bite!"

Little Oyster Hat- St. Charles Antique Mall
Top- Had in my closet for a long time!
Peachy Polka Dot Dress- Gift from Amanda
Silky Neck Scarf- From the extreme vintage hunting warehouse sale
t-strap flats- Charlotte Russe (my feet are too big for most real vintage shoes!)