Tea Party In A Dark Forest


What a peculiar place to have a tea party....

The sun is warming all of the plants and the trees have bloomed in colors of lilac, peach and pink. Originally, I wanted to find a bright, spring like meadow with plenty of lovely flowers and sunshine but something drew me to this dark coniferous forest last Sunday afternoon. I almost expected to find little traces of Hansel and Gretel's trail of crumbs so they could find their way home.

I've enjoyed a few picnics in these woods, especially on very hot summer days, the pine needle carpet is crisp and cool and it is always so comfortable enjoying tea and sandwiches in the shade of these trees.

I found these lovely little antique buttons on Easter weekend. I love the ones with real flowers in them. I don't know what I will do with them yet but I'm sure it will be something wonderful!
Tall, straight trees like these remind me of soldiers. I think they are guarding the secrets of this little pond. I scared a few frogs as I walked up on the pond. They screamed "EEeeek! It's a girl!!" and dove into the dark water.

I've always loved fairy tales and these pictures reminded me of something from an enchanted forest or a daydream. When I was a little girl, my mom used to read the fairy tale "Snow White and Rose Red" to my little sister and I. She said that I was Snow White and Chelsea was Rose Red. Click on the highlighted link above to read the annotated version of one of my favorite childhood fairy tales. (P.S. I -did- marry a bear!)What are your favorite fairy tales?

"I hope I never find my way home"

Hat-my very first vintage purchase, bought for a tea party, actually!
Long pearls- from my great grandmother
pearl choker with amethyst pendant-creve coeur antiques
lace blouse- had it for years, don't remember where it came from!
white pleated skirt- thrifted this past Friday
gloves-estate sale
Brown Victorian style boots-my new favorite shoes thrifted from the Salvation Army
Umbrella-St Charles Antiques a few years ago
White beaded purse-heirloom from my great great grandmother, Florence
Tea service- my wedding china
little cow creamer-Home Goods
Quilt-handmade for me by my great grandmother


  1. tooo cute! I love it perfect!!

  2. Cute post! Love your outfit and vintage stuffs!

  3. great boots! looks like a fun time in the forest <3

  4. what lovely pictures :)
    weren't you scared of all your lovely white clothes all dirty though?

    However you do look like a wood elf/fairy in them ;)

  5. My stars, sweetie, you look so enchantingly gorgeous! If it's possible to look cuter - and more lovely - than this in forest, I've never seen it before! Inspiringly wonderful shots, thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Oodles of hugs!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. You take the most inspiring pics! I love the ideas behind all of your posts, especially the "themed" (for loss of a better word) pics.

  7. Thank you everyone! This was so much fun to shoot! While cleaning house and taking care of my little peach, I have lots of brainstorming time. I'm a big fan of themed things too! Makes for a fun post, anyway. Actually,I wasn't scared of getting my clothes dirty but now that I look at the pics wow, I was close to peril throughout most of the shoot! I'm a very outdoorsy girl anyway. Another fact about me: I love to get muddy and grimy with sticks in my hair! hehe!

  8. very very lovely! header looks great too.
    melina bee

  9. omg! my mother used to read the story to my sister and I as well. I loved it so so much I tell it to my two oldest. one of which is a redhead as well and wonders around the forest of a yard we have looking for her bear prince!

  10. You look absolutly stunning in every picture here. Beautiful post

  11. I love the feel of this shoot. And that dress is gorgeous on her.


  12. Lovely photos! Always partial to tea and parasols, it all looks so lovely!


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