vintage diy seamed stockings tutorial
Good morning, chickadees. Last week or so, I had the good fortune of stumbling upon Miss Vivian Von Dimples blog. She posted the most brilliant tutorial for making your own seamed stockings. We're not all positive about what kind of fabric she used but I'm in agreement with some other ladies that it was probably the sheer nude stretchy stuff (lycra) that they use for modesty panels in swimwear. Lucky us, all of the local fabric stores have it in stock.

 The gorgeous Miss V. Dimples is a costume student from Australia. How neat is that? Go check out all of the fabulous things she's made and get inspired. Have fun, kittens!

I recently received my first pair of vintage seamed stockings from Miss Tuppence Ha'Penny's giveaway, thank you, my darlin'! For those of you who don't yet own a pair of vintage nylons, I highly suggest picking up at least one pair for special occasions. They are -so- luxe.

Have a lovely day bombshells! xoxo