1950s retro atomic red and aqua kitchen

1940s reproduction atomic blue wallpaper
retro atomic trailer fabric
1950s reproduction blue wall paper
1950s stainless kitchen canister set retro atomicHere's some retro kitchen inspiration that I've been collecting lately since I'll be redecorating my kitchen. My family and I rent a 2 bedroom townhouse right now and I have a tiny kitchen. When we started, I decorated in red with kind of a french theme. We won't be buying our first home for another few years and I've been dying for a change. So, I've been inspired to re-do my kitchen in retro!

 It's a very dark little kitchen with the dark wood cabinets and crappy apartment lighting, so I had a talk with Pj and we agreed on aqua, which I love.

 I've spent the past several days searching eBay, etsy, and other websites looking for inspiration and items to add to my lovely little kitchen. Pj and I both love to cook together so it's important that I keep it functional and un-cluttered. I have this silver canister set on the way, which I just ordered this morning!

There is a little screwed up spot on one of the labels but I will fix it. I found the same canister set in aqua on ebay and the shipping was outrageous so, I will be fixing these ones up with a little aqua paint and love  and they will be gorgeous!

Like many renters, we are not allowed to re-paint, wallpaper, add new flooring or anything crazy, so I've been keeping myself up at night and literally dreaming of creative ideas to get the look without breaking out the jack hammer! When I was a teenager, my dad and I did a lot of home-improvement side jobs when I visited on the weekends. He taught me how to do all sorts of flooring, drywall, siding, roofing, install a tub, painting, etc so when I get a house, I will probably be blogging a bit less! :) Oh, and you bet your buttons, there will be Anne Taintor!!

Do you have pr want a retro kitchen too? I found these -adorable- spice jar and kitchen jar decals at Sweet Gal Decals. Check them out!

Wallpaper- Bradbury and Bradbury.com
Retro Trailers Fabric
- Fabric worm on etsy
retro Canisters-retrology on etsy