Since we have a baby now, Pj and I try to have a date night without the baby once per week. Last night, my mother-in-law watched the peanut for us. We had delicious Mexican for dinner (chiles rellenos, my favorite!) and then went thrift store hopping.

There's a goodwill right across the street from my mother-in-law's house so we went there first. This is probably the most run-down disaster of a goodwill but they always have the -best- stuff so I go anyway. The place is a huge mess all the time with clothes on the floor, tubs of random stuff hanging around, waiting for staff to find them a temporary home and the dressing rooms....let me put it this way, they have to have a sign up in the dressing room that says "Only you can keep our dressing rooms clean!"

I found these great shoes for $3, 3 adorable tops for $2 each and Pj found this hat for $2.

After that, we went to Slackers so Pj could find a manual for one of his video games and I found The Andrews Sisters Greatest Hits, which I couldn't live without.  Right across the way from Slackers is a new St. Vincent De Paul Society Thrift Store.

 The St. Vincent De Paul Society Thrift Store is a diamond mine for vintage.  I found 2 nightgowns that I had to have (both pink), one late 60s play suit, 2 skirts and 2 cotton house dresses, which were stocked with the nightgowns. Oh, they had so much more but I had to restrain myself. next time, I will have to demolish the stock of vintage purses .  After about an hour in there, it started to sleet so we had to run and get Olivia and get our thrifty butts home.  What a great date night!