Hey, darlin's!

Guess what? I'm learning to knit! I've been dying to learn for years but so far, I haven't had much luck with it.  My grandma is quite an accomplished knitter so she taught me to knit, purl and do a seed/moss stitch.

 The problem is, I'm great at knitting when she's right next to me but as soon as I get home, I forget everything! With a little one in the house, I often have to put things down when I'm right in the middle s it can be hard to keep up! I've had a lot of success once I started watching videos from Knitting Help.com on you tube and looking at videos and diagrams on the Lion Brand Yarn site.

I've had my eye on some glorious vintage knitting patterns so hopefully, I will start a project soon. If any of you ladies have already mastered the art (or are as brazen as myself and want to jump in head first)you can check out these great free vintage knitting patterns on my free knitting patterns page.

As soon as I get to the point that I can set my needles down without forgetting how to hold them properly again, I'm going to take one of these awesome online knitting classes on Craftsy

see my first completed project, the Date Maker cardigan